Casino gaming for work; Sports, Music, Computers and Beer for fun; Husband and Father for life!

I’m a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, and I’m a 15-year veteran of the casino gaming industry, which is totally unrelated to my degree. Pretty much never left Rochester after school, bought a house, got married, bought another house, have a family! The family is the biggest piece of the entertainment pie, however, I still try to get to concerts when I can (go see the Woopop site for all that stuff), Amerks hockey games, and I still yell at the TV at the Sabres, Bills and Mets. Usually while drinking one of the many fine craft beers Rochester and New York has to offer.

Originally, I hailed from the grand destination known as North Tonawanda, NY, which among other dubious distinctions, is the “Home of the Carousel”; It also had a thriving lumber business at the turn of the last century, has an annual week-long Canal Fest to celebrate the Erie Canal, and Wurlitzer jukeboxes used to be manufactured there as well.

Eric on TV!

Yes, I’ve received my 15 minutes of fame on the tube, very early mind you! In Buffalo, Channel 7 (WKBW-TV) had a program called “Commander Tom’s World”. Tom Jolls was a Buffalo broadcasting legend, as he was Ch. 7’s weatherman for many years, and did this children’s program as well. In first grade, Tom’s grandson, Chris, was in my first grade class at Meadow Elementary School in NT. Mrs. D’Angelo’s class had the pleasure of being filmed for Commander Tom. He came around and interviewed each kid in the class (some more than others, as you’ll see).

Part 1:

Part 2 (which I’m not in, but is worth watching anyway):

Part 3:

Around the same time, I also attended the Buffalo Sabres Hockey School, and Channel 4 (WIVB-TV) did a special on that, which we captured on tape. This is from the summer of 1987 I believe, middle of July sometime. As you watch this, I’m the one in the Adidas-looking sweatpants that’s falling quite a bit 🙂 Here’s the video (and please disregard us talking over it, we left the mic on and we’re too lazy to fix it.)

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