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I'm supposed to Instagram my gourmet lunch, am I doing it right? #artisan


A Christmas gift from Mom&Dad Swasta... More liquid gold from @IthacaBeer !
A Christmas gift from Mom&Dad Swasta... More liquid gold from @IthacaBeer !

15 Seconds of Fame on Marek vs. Wyshynski Podcast

So the question of the day on the very excellent Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast today was “What’s your best ‘I caught a puck’ story?”. I have a pretty good one from waaaaaaaay back in the day, so I wrote in… and got read on the air! Hit up the link below at about the 29:30 mark for the backstory of the question, and 32:15 for my story, and enjoy:

For the podcast impaired, here’s the story:

Subject: I caught the puck story – Jacques Cloutier gave me gum too!

Hi guys! 2nd time, long time (my kid was on Puck Daddy in October 2012 yelling about Ville Leino’s contract LOL http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/ice-ice-babies-baby-sabres-fan-preaches-fiscal-190204518–nhl.html )

But puck catching stories! March 4, 1988! Can’t ever forget it!

I was 8 years old in 1988, Went with Grandpa at the old Aud in Buffalo against the Rangers. Grandma’s company’s tickets, first two seats right next to Sabres bench, first row against the glass. “Caught” first puck in the concourse during warmups as it was flipped over the glass and rolled down the players entrance at the end of the rink. 2nd one was flipped over the glass during warmups once we got to our seats (don’t remember who). Then a 3rd puck was given to me (along with a stick of gum!) by Sabres backup Jacques Cloutier through a little hole in the glass between the bench and the seats. Ended up wearing #1 as a goalie in minor hockey because of him! Best part was the Sabres actually won the game 6-3!!

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The Continuing Adventures of Nate and Eric…

We pick up our story on a non-descript Wednesday night, save for the fact that Mommy Dearest is currently in (with apologies to ZZ Top) Heaven, Hell or (most likely) Houston…

Everything’s rolling along after bath time, the milk-with-formula-chaser 1-2 punch goes down smooth, I hike Nate up on my shoulder for a burp, we’re smiling at the mirror, and life is good. Nate’s relaxed. So relaxed, that he drops a load. No big deal, off to the changing table we go.

Get the diaper off, rock the three wipe special, reach for a new diaper, and… Nate decides to Brogue Kick the old diaper. The inside. Thankfully, he got about 95% wipe, so cleanup wasn’t too bad. One wipe on his foot, and we’re back in business…

Except its now raining on my hand. And the wipe. And Nate. And his sleeper. A shower of the golden variety, mind you. TO THE FLOOR WITH YOU!

To the floor… with a new changing pad. I dry him off, then scamper to the bathroom for a wet washcloth to make sure my recently-bathed baby boy is clean once again. Start wiping him down, only to be met with a grunt. And more poop. Out of his still un-diapered behind, directly onto the changing pad. TO A NEW CHANGING PAD AT ONCE!

A deft transfer to the new pad, a lift of the legs, a quick two-wipe special, a diaper now securely fastened to Nate’s person, and all is well. I again scamper to the bathroom to toss the soiled materials in the tub to soak, return to a smiling and giggling little boy, and as I’m selecting a replacement sleeper… the giggles turn to grunts. A third poop. UNPRECEDENTED.

This third defecation, thankfully contained, was treated without further incident, the replacement sleeper procured and installed. A smiling and giggling little boy was then turned into a baby burrito, and whisked away to never-never land.

This concludes our thrilling episode for tonight. Until next time….