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My Top 12 Albums of 2013

I don’t think I did this for 2012, and this seems like as good of a topic as any for the inaugural “blog post” of my music-only refocus of Woopop.com. Having to limit the list to ten always seemed so arbitrary, so you’re getting 12. It’s also in alphabetical order, because I’m not about to try and say one album was “better” than another, this is simply what I was spinning heavily this year.


15 Seconds of Fame on Marek vs. Wyshynski Podcast

So the question of the day on the very excellent Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast today was “What’s your best ‘I caught a puck’ story?”. I have a pretty good one from waaaaaaaay back in the day, so I wrote in… and got read on the air! Hit up the link below at about the 29:30 mark for the backstory of the question, and 32:15 for my story, and enjoy:

For the podcast impaired, here’s the story:

Subject: I caught the puck story – Jacques Cloutier gave me gum too!

Hi guys! 2nd time, long time (my kid was on Puck Daddy in October 2012 yelling about Ville Leino’s contract LOL http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/ice-ice-babies-baby-sabres-fan-preaches-fiscal-190204518–nhl.html )

But puck catching stories! March 4, 1988! Can’t ever forget it!

I was 8 years old in 1988, Went with Grandpa at the old Aud in Buffalo against the Rangers. Grandma’s company’s tickets, first two seats right next to Sabres bench, first row against the glass. “Caught” first puck in the concourse during warmups as it was flipped over the glass and rolled down the players entrance at the end of the rink. 2nd one was flipped over the glass during warmups once we got to our seats (don’t remember who). Then a 3rd puck was given to me (along with a stick of gum!) by Sabres backup Jacques Cloutier through a little hole in the glass between the bench and the seats. Ended up wearing #1 as a goalie in minor hockey because of him! Best part was the Sabres actually won the game 6-3!!

A Fresh Beginning! (Sort of.)

Greetings! I’m making an attempt to get back on the blogging train… I’m keeping the music stuff separated on Woopop.com , so this site is going to be for all the “personal” stuff (quote-unquote). Still getting the kinks out over here, but a lot of the “personal blog” stuff from Woopop got imported over here and I’m trying to sift through it and make it a touch more coherent.


Wish me luck!

September 2013 @Woopop Twitter Archive

A Real Blog Post? HAVA at it!

It’s only been forever. I’m trying to get back into this habit as opposed to just syndicating Twitter/FB Status updates. Trying.

So from Thursday night on, I’ve been shuffling computers and AV equipment around a bit, as I picked up a HAVA Titanium HD streamer. This little box sits between my cable box and my router/cable modem, simplified my entire computer/TV/Media Center setup, and eliminated a power-hungry always-on PC in the basement (gotta be green!). If you’re interested in the technical details, read on:


After doing all the research, and considering I’ve been lusting after a SlingBox for awhile now while fighting with my current setup, I HAVA what? The Titanium won out over a Sling for a couple of reasons. It was cheaper, for one. Buying a factory-direct refurb unit took about 60% off of their price, and about 30% off of anyone else’s online price. It can serve multiple clients at once (obviously only watching the same channel), so you can run the player on multiple PC’s at the same time. In addition to their proprietary player, it also acts like a virtual tuner in Windows Media Center for any PC on the local network (changes the channels on the digital box and everything). Like Sling, it too has a dedicated iPhone app (and also like Sling, wi-fi only, but thanks to 3G Unrestrictor (jailbreak!) it works anywhere). Compared to my prior setup, this is much more streamlined, and now I don’t need to dedicate an always-on PC just to stream TV. I had been using Orb in conjunction with Vista Media Center on a box, and while it worked okay, changing channels on the phone was sometimes a chore, and more importantly, Orb was chained to Vista, as they still don’t have full Win7 support. I eliminated a whole PC, added a virtual remote (changing channels on the phone is way easier now), and now have a legit $30 academic copy of Win7 on the tower (which runs way better than it ever did with a sketchy copy of Vista). This bumped the O.G. Media Center box (the small form factor HP) down into the living room TV cabinet, where it’s now paired with the wireless keyboard so we can surf/watch YouTube/do whatever on a giant 42″ monitor. And now neither of those PC’s are on 24/7 anymore (yay power savings!)

Other than that? Let’s see…
After our long Cleveland weekend last weekend, the work week, interrupted by volleyball on Tuesday, came and went, which brought us to Friday. Another big Amerks game against the Crunch, in which we had a great time up in our usual section 221 haunt. Jon and Laura were even in town and came and sat with us! Naturally, the night never ends after the game, and it was off to East and Alexander for Mike’s birthday, where we did our usual up and down the street trek, this time with Pete joining us! It culminated in a half-dead A-Pub/Daisy Dukes where the cover band wasn’t half bad. Saturday had me doing computer tinkering, and while Tiff went and saw New Moon, I puttered around town “shopping”, if you can call it that. An early night back home to watch the Sabres lose, and more computer stuff.

Sunday was living room upheaval day, also known as setting up the Christmas tree. We re-arranged the whole room, got the tree up, threw some decorations on it, watched the Bills snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and finally ventured out of the house for a bit. Groceries and the like, more decorations, the usual. Came back and finished putting ornaments on, and cleaned up the place. Needless to say, Wizard has a new favorite spot, behind the tree on the nice new tree skirt. Thank God for rollers.

Long weekend holiday madness coming up this week!

What a Wild Wedding Weekend

It’s been awhile since the last proper blog post, but this weekend deserves one. Pat and Jodi’s wedding weekend was finally upon us, and needless to say, “we had a blast” is kinda putting it lightly. Tiff and I rolled out of Rochester on Friday morning and hauled down to the twin tiers. We first went to Park Station to crash a picnic with Tiff’s parents and Carol and Gary. They were nice enough to feed us lunch and hang out for a bit before we started the wedding activities. We got to the Lindenwald Haus B&B around 2pm, got checked in, and just sat around for a bit as others arrived and checked in. We ended up taking a two car caravan over to the Hill Top Inn for the rehearsal, where we met up with Jodi and a couple of others. Once the Pat and the boys arrived, the rehearsal ensued. After the rest of us not in the wedding party were done waiting around (ha), we headed back to the B&B so the guys could get somewhat cleaned up. I ended up taking a couple people and we grabbed the pizzas, some beverages, and headed up the hill to Cathy and Marlin’s place for the rehearsal dinner/party. I think everyone had a pretty good time at the party, some more than others (!), which made the caravan back to the B&B a tight squeeze (lotsa people, not a lot of drivers and car space!). We didn’t quite stop once we got back to the B&B, so suffice to say we had a long night. 🙂

Saturday morning came a bit too early, but we had a nice breakfast at the B&B, and then started thumb-twiddling time. Tiff was in the wedding, I wasn’t, and thus the handful of us that were affiliated with the wedding party, but not in the wedding party, had a *ton* of time to kill. As in, from roughly 10:30am or so until pictures around 3pm. Thankfully there was a Wegmans two minutes away, because one run later, we had cold beverages, and sat around yapping for the next couple hours. All that talking worked up some hunger, so yet another Weggies run ensued, this time for lunch. Giant subs all around. Finally, we had some entertainment (other than ourselves!) as it was time for pictures. I had to change into my suit to look presentable for the 5 pictures I was in, and once the wedding party left for more pics, I got to change back out of the suit and resume hanging out for another 2 hours or so. We all got changed, and made our way to the Hill Top around 7:15. Marlin ambushed me as soon as I got there and put me on traffic duty, helping make sure the horse-drawn carriage wouldnt get hit as they came down the road. The carriage (and it’s precious cargo!) made it up the hill in one piece, and I snuck in the back to witness a beautiful ceremony. Pat and Jodi and the rest of the wedding party looked great! We watched the two newlyweds disappear on the chariot, and we headed into the reception area to start the party. After a bit, the wedding party got introduced, with each couple doing something a little goofy upon entrance. Good times. Pat and Jodi’s first dance was something to see, as they went outside on the patio, and were surrounded by everyone holding giant sparklers. It looked really really cool. The reception rolled on from there, with a dynamite candy buffet (yes, CANDY buffet!), and SLIDERS! Good food choices, guys! After we closed out the reception, most everyone hauled back to the B&B, Tiff got to make an extra trip back to the Hill Top to pick up some ghosts (hehehe.), and we hung out a bit at the B&B before knocking off for the night. Apparently the bride and groom and assorted others didn’t retire until the sun was coming up!

We had yet another nice breakfast Sunday morning, saw most everyone off, and hung around to watch a couple of the gifts get opened and help Pat and Jodi clean up the place a bit. We met Tiff’s parents for lunch on our way home, and finally made it home around 5:45pm. But because we’re crazy, we didn’t stay home long. The local rock radio station, 94.1 had their festival Sunday afternoon, with Sevendust headlining. Since they’re the only band on the bill we (yes, we, Tiff came to this one!) wanted to see anyway, we figured we’d time it perfectly. We did, sorta. We walked right in (tickets? Why’d we bother?), only missed three songs, and got to see the rest of their set! Got in and got out, grabbed a couple groceries at Weggies on the way home, and finally called it a night. I don’t think we coulda packed much more into the weekend than we did. Had a great time doing it though!

Had Enough? No? Let's Go Backwards!

I feel compelled to write, now that Matt has a blog and got me back in the blogging mood. Plus, I’m sure it’s nice (for the 5 of you that actually read this) to have something other than CD and concert reviews.

So onward! We’ll go backwards this time. We just got home from Matt and Lisa’s place, as they graciously invited us over for dinner. We haven’t seen them in quite awhile, and it was great to catch up and just laugh like we always do with them! The rest of the week has been pretty uneventful, notwithstanding my getting the car an oil change, tire rotation and front end alignment. Woo!

Backwards again to the past weekend. Jake and Jamie came up on Sunday, because Jake had some burning desire to watch me play roller hockey, plus he had a built-in excuse that Jamie hadn’t seen our house yet. Actually, come to think of it, I think he just wanted to mooch a free meal. In any event, he watched my team get spanked (again), but he did get to see a fight! (No, not me. It was a fight, not a slaughter!) We came back to the house and ordered pizza before we saw the two off and on their way. Which brings me back to Saturday. Deck cleaning day!!

We got up bright and early on Saturday, slathered the deck, and fired up the power washer. Great fun! Good times! WAY TO GET THE POWER WASHER TOO &#$#%& CLOSE TO THE WOOD! Yeah, didn’t quite do it right the first time. The deck still looks greatly improved, but we have to do it again. Good thing deck wash is cheap! There’s a couple of pics in the gallery below, and we’ll add more as we get the deck completely washed and then stained. (Staind?)


Friday night I hung out with a friend I haven’t seen in ages, Tashi! I met him and a couple of his friends at the Otter Lodge on Monroe to catch up and reminisce about RIT. Good times indeed! Always a riot when Tashi’s around 🙂

Other than that, it’s been uneventful. Tiff is off and up out for two days, leaving me to my own devices. hehe. Bad news. 🙂 Saturday is the Sevendust show in Buffalo at the Ballroom, and then the last regular season roller hockey game Sunday night. Fun stuff.

Saving My Bandwidth

A couple posts ago, I mentioned how I reworked my archive pages so my bandwidth doesn’t take such a hit. The google image search isn’t killing me anymore, but I had to fix my next biggest problem (which compared to the google thing isn’t *that* big).

My next problem is MySpace. Not the site itself, but most of the inhabitants. (Note: Bands that use myspace because of the ease of showcasing their music are cool by me. It’s great for that. DISCLAIMER: I actually have a myspace page, I created it awhile ago, and I don’t really use it. There’s next to nothing on it.) Myspace is a haven for middle and high-schoolers (or those of that mental persuasion) to hear themselves talk. It’s worse than a blog, because it’s nothing but people listing their interests with terribly-designed page with tons of unecessarily huge graphics.

My problem is that, in the process of displaying their 573857845 favorite bands’ album covers, I have over 200 idiots that hotlink to the albumcovers off this site. *HOTLINK* being the key phrase, meaning that every time someone loads their shitty profile page, I take a bandwidth hit for the image they have on their page. This adds up. Go ahead and save them to your harddrive, I could care less about the credit, but don’t steal my bandwidth to do it. But I suppose it’s asking too much for these jerk-offs to find a dedicated image hosting company. There’s tons of free ones out there, so it’s not like they have to spend money.

So in response to this, anytime I get a request from a myspace.com address for an image, the request is filled with a replacement gif image (whose file size is only 2.5k, as opposed to an average of 10.5k for an albumcover). I figure it ought to get their attention when this shows up on their page:

Moral of the story: Don’t hotlink me!

More days off! More days off!

The blog has been pretty lean, but this lets me bore everyone with an even longer post detailing the weekend! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday… Adam, Tiff and I hit Pelligrinos for dinner, cruise the mall, do the wild wings thing, then back to the apartment. Pretty low-key.

Saturday: Cleaning! Yay! Er… it needed to be done. Blah. Got out of the house by 11ish and did some preliminary Xmas shopping at Eastview. Made it home long enough to eat, then off to watch RIT beat Utica 2-1. Back to UC3303 with Keith, Katie and Liz… and a whole ton of other people over the course of the night. The old ETC crew was around and we had a marvelous time. Just marvelous!

Sunday: A brunch for Tiff’s grandfather’s 80th birthday at Mario’s via Abruzzi. Tiff’s parents came up and we met some more relatives at the restaurant for a delectable meal. Always love doing breakfast and lunch/dinner in one shot… and the kicker of all kickers… at one of the finer italian restaurants in the city, what can one obtain at brunch? CORN DOGS! (I confess, it’s part of the “kid’s spread”, but that matters not!) Eric proves his standing in high society once again. 🙂 A shopping trip to Kohl’s, then a little R&R before rockin’ the night away at the Nonpoint show. I picked up Nick and his friend Pete, and after suffering through two openers, jumped for an hour along with Elias and crew. Needless to say I didn’t want to get up this morning.

So now youse guys is all caught up. There may be something of a much lower intellectual standard to soon follow 🙂


No blog since Wednesday, what’s going on? Well, actually, not a whole hell of a lot. I had off Thursday, and since Tiff is on a two-week hiatus before the summer semester starts and she goes to work, we ran errands, did a little shopping, etc. I worked Friday and Saturday, with nothing terribly eventful going on there. Saturday night we were joined by Becca and Scott because it was Becca’s 21st birthday on Friday. We took her to Wild Wings to buy her the cerimonial drink, shot some darts, watched the Lightning lose, and then came back to the apartment for more beer, more darts, Nintendo jeopardy, and other assorted fun. Since I have Sunday and Monday off, we’re heading down to Horseheads today to visit with Tiff’s parents.

So yeah, the website has been a little boring lately, but there hasn’t been a lot going on, I’ll try and get some more interesting stuff on here if I can in the near future (whatever that means!)