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Celebrate The Tradition!

I’ve been in the process of transferring all of my old VHS tapes to digital, both to just get rid of the tapes, and make sure that some of it doesn’t disappear. It’s mostly old family recordings of stuff like my 10th birthday party (which I barely even want to see), but some of it is stuff that’s been forever out of print…

Such as the Buffalo Sabres 20th Anniversary video – Celebrate the Tradition! As a kid I thought this was way longer, but it’s only a half-hour long. It touches on most of the big moments of the first 20 years, with a bunch of interviews and game clips. Since it was nowhere to be found on YouTube, I figured I’d chuck it up there for everyone else to see as well… so enjoy!

15 Seconds of Fame on Marek vs. Wyshynski Podcast

So the question of the day on the very excellent Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast today was “What’s your best ‘I caught a puck’ story?”. I have a pretty good one from waaaaaaaay back in the day, so I wrote in… and got read on the air! Hit up the link below at about the 29:30 mark for the backstory of the question, and 32:15 for my story, and enjoy:

For the podcast impaired, here’s the story:

Subject: I caught the puck story – Jacques Cloutier gave me gum too!

Hi guys! 2nd time, long time (my kid was on Puck Daddy in October 2012 yelling about Ville Leino’s contract LOL http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/ice-ice-babies-baby-sabres-fan-preaches-fiscal-190204518–nhl.html )

But puck catching stories! March 4, 1988! Can’t ever forget it!

I was 8 years old in 1988, Went with Grandpa at the old Aud in Buffalo against the Rangers. Grandma’s company’s tickets, first two seats right next to Sabres bench, first row against the glass. “Caught” first puck in the concourse during warmups as it was flipped over the glass and rolled down the players entrance at the end of the rink. 2nd one was flipped over the glass during warmups once we got to our seats (don’t remember who). Then a 3rd puck was given to me (along with a stick of gum!) by Sabres backup Jacques Cloutier through a little hole in the glass between the bench and the seats. Ended up wearing #1 as a goalie in minor hockey because of him! Best part was the Sabres actually won the game 6-3!!

Eric’s Top 10 Albums of 2010

Just quick and dirty. I found that a lot of the stuff I listened to this year wasn’t necessarily released this year. In alphabetical order, because I can’t be bothered to rank ’em. Enjoy!

10 Years – Feeding The Wolves – Quickly becoming one of my favorite rock bands, these guys made their third album a nice combo of the first two.
Alter Bridge – AB III – A great complete rock album, not necessarily as heavy as the other two, but “Isolation” rips.
Deftones – Diamond Eyes – Equal parts fury and calm, the Deftones keep putting out great albums.
The Doyle Brothers – Two Bros, One Box – Two of Buffalo’s finest put a nice spin on some classic tunes.
Filter – Trouble With Angels – Filter’s still kicking around, and this one was the best they’ve done in quite awhile.
His Name Was Yesterday – His Name Was Yesterday – A late entry, but growing on me with every listen. Will definitely get listened to a lot in 2011.
Kingdom of Sorrow – Behind The Blackest Tears – Jamey Jasta and Kirk Windstein sound like an unlikely pair, but this works, even more so than the first one.
Sevendust – Cold Day Memory – Can you tell Clint’s back (and back writing)? Easily their best since Seasons (although Alpha comes close).
Sixpin – 15/Vegas – “Make You” and “Take Me Down” oughta be on the radio already, but the “Pokerface” cover takes the cake.
Slash – Slash – Many more hits than misses, even with a different singer on each track. He even makes Fergie sound good.

The Holiday Silly Season

As I write this, the whirlwind Christmas season has come to a close (can’t really say the holidays, as New Years is still ahead of us.), and what a season we had this year. Work ended on Tuesday night, followed up by volleyball. On Wednesday, we made the colossal Wegmans run, prepped the house for the ensuing visitors, and got a good night’s sleep. Woke up Thursday morning, got some last minute wrapping done, and we welcomed Mom and Dad S. to the house. We got them settled, then made another Weggie’s run to get the catering and some last-minute stuff. Came back home, and Tiff and her mom went to work in the kitchen getting food for dinner and Christmas Day ready. We had a very nice dinner and celebrated Tiff’s father’s birthday. Opened a couple stocking stuffers at night to get in the Christmas spirit, and called it a night rather early in anticipation of Christmas Day.

We got the house ready, Tiff and Mom got the food ready, and then the Bonus/Kowalenko caravan rolled in around 12:45. We got them unloaded and in, and commenced with the food, drink, and merriment! Tons of snacks, Amanda’s buffalo wing dip, some good beers, getting full even before dinner. We packed 15 people into the house, and that’s about our limit! We opened a couple gifts, then had Grandma’s perogies and Dad’s mushroom soup as appetizers. Gotta move some of the old traditions to our place! Opened a couple more gifts, and then it was time for the big dinner. Ham, squash, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, etc. Excellent. After everyone digested and had their fill, we filled up even more with cookies and the cheesecake my aunt and uncle brought. It was awesome to have everyone up to our place, and thankfully the weather held out so driving for everyone wasn’t a factor. A wonderful Christmas, and for our first time hosting, it went really well.

What to do the day after Christmas? Why, go shopping of course! We hit a couple places in Henrietta, then after lunch at the Distillery and a quick detour to Beers of the World, we trucked out to Eastview to get our shop on. The mall was packed, even more so than any mall I saw before Christmas. A jaunt back to Barnes and Noble in Pittsford, then back home for a dinner of the best leftovers from the night before. Still tasted great. For the nightcap, Tiff and her parents watched the latest Harry Potter movie while I watched the Sabres lose.

We got up early the next morning, and grabbed a really good breakfast at Peppermints on W. Henrietta Rd. Yum. We saw Tiff’s parents off, cleaned up the house a bit, then Pat and Jodi came over. We did our little gift exchange, and went out for a big late lunch at Sticky Lips. One BBQ platter later, we rolled out of there and came back to the house and visited for a little bit. We saw Pat and Jodi off, and then I saw myself off to Buffalo to meet Adam and hit up the Every Time I Die Christmas show at Mohawk Place. Since that didn’t start ’til 9, we grabbed some dinner and pre-gamed a bit at the Thirsty Buffalo on Elmwood. Had a good time there, watched the Jets prevent the Colts from going undefeated, and watched the Sabres beat the Blues. We trekked down to Mohawk, met my buddy Art, and had a great time hanging out at the show. Thankfully, I only had to drive back to NT, not Rochester, and Dad was still up to greet me!

Slept in a bit, putzed around in the morning, and then Dad and I grabbed some lunch at Ted’s (mmm, Char-Broiled hotdogs!) before I bounced back to Rochester and Dad took off for the office. Got back home, lounged a bit, made a Weggie’s run, and after dinner I organized the basement, watched some hockey, I’m still watching some football, and barring some disaster, I’ll win my second straight fantasy football title! Not looking forward to getting ready to head back to work tomorrow, but I do have volleyball tomorrow night though, so that oughta be the usual rip-roaring good time! Working Wednesday and Thursday also, and then New Years Eve festivities…

The Summer Concert Roundup

Here’s what I’m going to (or planning to go to) for the balance of this summer and beyond. Can’t say I didn’t tell you!

Sat July 18th – Stemm, A Thousand Shades Of Cold, + Others @ Montage Music Hall, Rochester. This is a “most likely” for the local boys, and I think Adam’s coming up for this one.
Saturday July 25th – The Tragically Hip @ Highland Bowl, Rochester. Have tickets.
Thursday July 30th – Killswitch Engage, Rise Against, Rancid, Billy Talent, All That Remains @ Erie Co. Fairgrounds Agri-Center, Hamburg/Buffalo. Adam and I have tickets.
Friday July 31st – Hatebreed, Chimaira, + Others @ Water Street, Rochester. Have tickets.

Sunday August 9th – Zone 94.1 Bonzai – Sevendust, Street Sweeper Social Club, Tantric, + Others @ Riverside Festival Site, Rochester. Don’t have tickets yet, as its the day after Pat and Jodi’s wedding, but I think we’ll be back in time, at least to see 7D. Planning on going.
Friday August 14th – East End Fest @ The East End, Rochester. Don’t know who’s playing, don’t really care. We’ll be there.
Friday August 21st – Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco @ Darien Lake. Tiff and I got cheap lawn seats.

Friday September 4th – Cake @ Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo. Don’t know any details yet, but suffice to say we’re going.
Saturday September 5th – Crue Fest: Motley Crue, Godsmack, Theory Of A Deadman + Others @ Darien Lake. Adam and I are on the lawn.
Saturday September 12th – Tonic @ Turning Stone Casino, Verona. Tiff and I scored some sweet seats for this one.
Wednesday September 16th – Down, The Melvins @ Main Street Armory, Rochester. Don’t have tickets yet, but I’ll most likely be going.
Friday September 25th – Sixpin @ The Tralf, Buffalo. The local boys headline, and I’ll most likely be heading to this.

Sunday October 11th – Every Time I Die @ Water Street, Rochester. On the fence, might go, might not.

Tuesday November 3rd – Edwin McCain @ Mohawk Valley Community College, Utica. A Tiff acoustic show.
Tuesday November 10th – Metallica, Lamb Of God @ HSBC Arena, Buffalo. On the floor baby!!