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Thank You Sabres!

Yes, thank you for playing far beyond anyone’s expectations, and giving me something to cheer about after the goaltender-less Lightning got knocked out. And thank you for finally giving me my weeknights back for other stuff! Twas a wild ride though, and to come within two goals of the finals with that depleted of a roster, it’s pretty impressive. Someone posted The Hockey News’ pre-season predictions and team grades, in which they gave Buffalo a C-, and Carolina a D+. Experts, eh?

In any case, and not because it’s sour grapes, but because I watched a number of their games this season, and I have a soft spot for Dwayne Roloson… GO OILERS!!! If Buffalo can’t have it, at least send it back to Canada this year! (I’d have been rooting for Calgary if Tampa didn’t make it last time too… Maybe it’s an Alberta fetish…)

Happy Canada Day, Eh!

A happy Canada Day to our northern neighbors. May all your duty-free shopping trips be merry! I’ll take this time to thank these fine folks for their contributions to the betterment of my life: Great rock bands, hockey, and legal drinking at age 19!!!! That’s what it’s all aboot!

Certainly not the Pitts(burgh)

Thursday was the day of our escapade down to Pittsburgh to see Sister Hazel. The fact that it was Canada Day notwithstanding, we were headed a bit further south. We got out of the house about 10, and made a (literal) pit stop in Erie, PA to catch some lunch and fill the gas tank. Why so literal? Because we ate at Quaker Steak and Lube, where the wings are not a bad substitute at all for Buffalo. Onward to I-79 South and Pittsburgh, where after navigating the interstate system through the city (the civil engineers were on acid, they must have been), we drove right past the Holiday Inn we were staying at, thanks to Microsoft Streets and Trip’s wonderful directions. No matter, one exit a half mile down the road later, we were back in business and checked in. Headed down to Station Square, which is the strip where the Hard Rock Cafe is, along with a ton of other restaurants and shops. Very very nice strip they have in Pittsburgh. We got into the restaurant about 5:30, and proceeded to eat and mark our table for a good 3 hours or so. Since we had tickets for the show, we didn’t have to leave and go back outside, instead taking a seat on stage, as there was NO BARRIER! 🙂 The review will be up shortly, but suffice to say the place was smaller than Water Street, and we were practically on top of the guys. Great show, and we even got to see them soundcheck while we were eating! Met the band afterwards, and then got a restful nights sleep before hauling back to Rochester in the morning. Then I, the slave to work, went in for 9 hours. Blah. At least work wasn’t a nightmare, so it wasn’t too bad at all. More work today, we’ll see how busy we are 🙂

Movin’ Right Along

And so the move took place on Saturday. Friday night Tiff and I made our way to Vernon for the final time, and since I still had cable hooked up, the good folks at Hockey Night in Canada brought us game 1 of Tampa vs Montreal (Go Bolts!). Saturday morning, Mom, Dad and Jake arrived, we picked up the truck in Rome, and we loaded up the truck with all my worldly possessions, and made our way to Rochester. Unloading went faster than loading did, and after a fulfilling dinner at Zebb’s, we took Dad to see the most excellent Beers of the World. He found the elusive Belgian brew he was looking for (Leffe), so Dad was quite happy. After we said our goodbyes to the crew, we went back to the new place, and Chip and Kathy came over to see the new digs, and brought a housewarming present! Cookies! With nifty little sayings in the frosting, commemorating our move 🙂 Thanks guys! We chit-chatted, then walked to Kathy’s apartment, met up with Karl and Kelley, and headed for the Distillery. Meeting us there were Matt, and then Kevin showed up with his friend Maria. A good time was had by all 🙂

Today was more unpacking, interrupted by a lunch / shopping trip, which got interrupted by us happening upon Karl and Kelley attaching their newly bought kayaks to the top of Karl’s car. No sooner did we roll up than they finished, and a torrential downpour started, that promptly lifted once we all got inside (and drenched!). So we milled around the mall with them, and on to Target as well. Said goodbye to them, unpacked some more at the new place, did some grocery shopping, and came back to Tiff’s for dinner (Mom’s cassarole, yum!). The cable comes Wednesday, so we’ll be live on the internet from the new place rather soon 🙂

There’s a couple pictures from the new place up on the picture page for all to check out.

Just Chillin

Back from two days at Saratoga, and taking a brief respite for a night and a day before I inherit the massive amount of fun that will be the Finger Lakes Race Track install 🙂

I have Tiff on IM (phone previously), good tunes, Hockey Night in Canada on the tube, and a couple of Saranac’s that Dad bought me awhile ago. Life is good!

…and he’s still here

I got the “final” itinerary yesterday during a conference call… I’m leaving for Rhode Island tomorrow. Of course, this is with the weather cooperating 🙂 For the schedule changing three times in the last three days, the process of whats going on is acutally straightforward. New installation at the casino in Newport. Woo. Then I’ll be back for a day or two before going to Saratoga, which will go right up till Christmas. Yippie.

But onto better news… Tiff came to visit this weekend! She got here about 3ish yesterday, and we went to Syracuse to do some shopping at the Carousel Center. Made a marathon out of it, as we were there from about 5:00 till about 9:15 or so. Shop till you drop! Today was more shopping, this time in New Hartford. Tiff keeps making progress towards her Xmas shopping, while I”m just kinda looking, as I know what I want to get, but can’t find what I like. Too picky I guess. Eh, its been fun though, the people watching this time of year is spectacular! 🙂

And for the first time since I’ve had the apartment, I can watch Hockey Night in Canada tonight!!! yay!!

So we’re back up, now what caused it?

ABCNEWS.com : Officials Seek Reason for Power Outage

At a later news conference, New York Mayor Bloomberg said Canadian officials told him that lightning struck a power plant in Quebec, and that the blackouts were triggered when Canada tried to pull power from grids in the United States.

And those damn canadians tried to blame us first!! In any event, I am back home now, and happily typing away at my own machine. Personally, I don’t think this was as big of a deal as its being made out to be, but then again, Im not in NYC either. Here in North Tonawanda, the power went out about 4:25 or so, and came back on sporadically. We got ours back on at about 11pm.

So what to do with all this free time and no power? Have salad for dinner (which mom had planned ahead of time anyway, she’s pretty slick like that!), and then sit out on the deck, read, and otherwise enjoy the beautiful evening. Battery powered radios are a wonderful thing, and listening to the police scanner was entertaining as well. Plus we got to finish the ice cream in the freezer 🙂

So I talked to Tiff on the phone for a bit, heard about the wrap-up of her research program, and then since we still didnt have power at this point, I headed over to Sara and Adrienne’s place (who had gotten their power back) and chilled with them for a bit.

So a final question on all of this. How screwed up is our power transmission system in this part of the country?? Not only did one isolated incident set off a chain reaction that took out multiple states, but there were pockets of residents that never lost power at all! And while I realize that there’s a national grid, I find it just a little irritating that in this area, we have the Niagara Power Project, and coal plants in Tonawanda, Somerset, and Dunkirk, all of which were operational, and yet no power. *shrug*

I’m watching CNN, and I guess Detroit is still without power, along with Cleveland and parts of Jersey. Maybe Niagara Falls is doing something for us after all. And while everyone else does, at this point, I can’t complain about Niagara Mowhawk!!

mmm… turkey

As per usual, I ate way too much at Grandmas, and that, coupled with the fact that Grandma always makes enough to feed an army, led to full stomachs and tons of leftovers, many of which will be coming back to school with me. Not that that’s a bad thing!! We spent most of the night just talking, especially me and Amanda, just because I practically haven’t seen her since school started. So that was fun, we got home about 9:30, and then Amanda took off for Canada with a couple of her friends, and I spent the better part of two hours on the phone with Tiff. By that time, it was bedtime 🙂
Am I going shopping today with all the crazies? Not sure yet, gotta see if I can wake Amanda from the trance-like state that she’s in 🙂

rumor has it the CNE has wrestling

Work was work friday afternoon, just the usual. Friday night was anything but! First, Sara had her Dad’s Miata for the weekend, so we got to drive around in that, with the top down! We just hit Barnes and Noble, Media Play and Borders in search of some photography book she was looking for. So she dropped me back off at home, and I chilled here for a bit until about 9:30, when I went and picked up Adrienne, and we headed to Canada to Rumors, in order to meet my sister. So we’re there, polishing off the first drinks, when who do I meet first instead? Seems Rachel and her old roomie Jenny were a little bored up in Rochester, and I guess their saturday plans fell through, so they trucked on up. Fancy that! So that naturally made the night much more interesting, to say the least 🙂 No wall clinging for me, yet again (how does this keep happening, seeing as I dont club?) We closed the place down at 2, and everyone headed their seperate ways for the night. I ended up rolling in about 3:30-4:00, and rumor has it Amanda didnt get home till 5:00! So I got bed….
…only to get up at 7:30 to go to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) with the family! Amanda ended up punking out, preferring to sleep. Wuss! I dragged my ass out of bed, showered, and was on the road by 8. We got there about 9:45. The CNE has fairly large grounds, and I liken it to a bit bigger version of the Erie County fair. Needless to say, we did our fair share of walking today, but also of sitting and eating… 🙂 We saw a bunch of stuff, a lot more people selling things, both crap and art / crafts type things. In the “Better Living” building, they had a wrestling ring set up, and an independent promotion called Apocalpyse Wrestling Federation [http://www.awf.ca] was holding matches! Low Budget Wrestling!!! It was awesome, even if the wrestling wasnt the greatest…. 🙂 We walked over to Ontario Place, and around the Molson Ampitheatre, where they were setting up for the Oasis show tonight. By about 6:30, we had seen everything we wanted to see, and headed for home. Stopped off at the Duty Free shop, parents wanted to replenish the liquor cabinet, and I got a 12pack of Molson XXX as a treat for move-in weekend at school 🙂 Just chillin at home right now… lounging 🙂