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As many of you in New York have probably seen, the Lottery has a new $10 scratch-off game called “Bada-Bling”, along with a cheezy-ass commercial to go along with it. If you go to the website however, there’s a link to a flash site promoting the game, where you too can turn yourself into…. Slotz Nastee!

The Music Mix Challenge

A large group of us recently put together a mix of the music we’ve been listening to as of late, a little bit of a soundtrack to 2006-2007 if you will. Naturally, since I usually put forth way too much effort into these things, everyone else has to stick it to me a little bit, and as such I received a couple of CD’s full of the most hysterically bad stuff everyone could conjure up. Only Dan would think to put Charlene’s “I’ve Never Been To Me” on a CD (seriously, that song shouldn’t be on any CD’s… ANYWHERE), Karen + Jeremy saw fit to make a CD chock full of Britney, Jessica Simpson and Indigo Girls songs, Kelley found some acoustic songs with worse singers than the local karaoke bar, and Adam just repeated the same shitty 5 songs as many times as they’d fit. Thanks guys! My faith in your taste still hasn’t wavered!

Anyway, Matt threw his list up on his site, so I figured I’d do the same, just for fun. Of course, I actually remembered to put the liner notes in with my CD’s ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Vanilla Ice – Yo Vanilla! (from To The Extreme, 1990) – Um, gotta kick this off right!

2. Burden Brothers – Buried in Your Black Heart (from Buried in Your Black Heart, 2003) – I saw them in March, and have been listening much more regularly since then. You may recognize the voice… Todd Lewis was the lead singer for the Toadies.

3. Cake – Mahna Mahna (from B-Sides and Rarities, 2007) – Everyone loves Cake, so everyone should love Cake covering the Muppets!

4 Pride Tiger – Let ‘Em Go (from The Lucky Ones, 2007) – Pride Tiger is a Canadian band that I saw as the first opener for Finger Eleven, and they blew me away with their live show. The album’s pretty good too.

5. Alter Bridge – Ties That Bind (from Blackbird, 2007) – This is off the 2nd album by the other 3/4 of Creed and the singer from The Mayfield Four. Sorta Creed-like, but a little harder, and way less preachy!

6. Will Hoge – The Man Who Killed Love (from The Man Who Killed Love, 2006) – Tiff saw him open for Edwin McCain a couple of years ago, then got all the music, and now I really like him as well. He’s a great rock/blues/country singer/songwriter.

7. Eric Hutchinson – You’ve Got You (from Sounds Like This, 2007) – We saw him open for Toby Lightman in Geneseo, and he’s another one of those pop singer/songwriters you’d see on VH1, except he’s not famous yet. But he should be.

8. Sevendust – Grasshopper (from Home, 1999) – A goofy little filler track.

9. Killswitch Engage – Holy Diver (from As Daylight Dies (Special Edition), 2006) – A cover of the Dio classic, which KsE make sound like their own. Yay Massachusetts metalcore!

10. Breaking Benjamin – Topless (from Phobia, 2006) – I’ve seen them three times already this year, and they’ve been great every time. A great radio hard-rock band.

11. Matthew Good – Born Losers (from Hospital Music, 2007) – Another Canadian, another artist I’ve seen live this year. I’ve liked MG since 1997, and his new stuff is still good.

12. Emerson Hart – Ordinary (from Cigarettes and Gasoline, 2007) – You may know EH as the lead singer of Tonic. His solo album just came out, and it’s a bit mellower than most of Tonic’s stuff.

13. Psychostick – BEER! (from We Couldn’t Think Of A Title, 2006) – Karl and I found this song within a week of each other, and we laugh our asses off every time we hear it. “Uh, I think you’ve had enough…” “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

14. Seether – Like Suicide (from Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces, 2007) – First song on Seether’s new album, which I like a lot better than their last one. More radio rock, but hey, not that there’s anything wrong with that!

15. Stone Sour – Made Of Scars (from Come What(ever) May, 2006) – Saw ’em twice this year. You’ve probably heard “Through Glass” enough times to stab yourself in the ear when it comes on, but this is more what Stone Sour actually sounds like, and is a way better song. Fun Fact: lead singer Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root both perform those same duties in Slipknot.

16. The Tragically Hip – The Kids Don’t Get It (from World Container, 2006) – I’ve loved the Hip forever, and this is my favorite from their new album. Saw ’em twice this year, front row the 2nd time!

17. nine inch nails – capital g (from Year Zero, 2007) – Trent came back with a noisy album that sounds a lot like most of his Downward Spiral-era remixes. It’s cool. So is this song. So are song titles with no capital letters (see what he did there?)

18. Maroon5 – Wake Up Call (from It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, 2007) – Yes, I like slickly produced, well crafted pop. Like Maroon5. No, I’m not ashamed. Yet.

19. House of Pain – Commercial 1 (from House Of Pain, 1992) – “He who breaks the law, goes back to the House of Pain!”

20. Mudvayne – Dig (from L.D. 50, 2000) – I dismissed Mudvayne as useless nu-metal when they came out, mainly due to all idiot kids that liked them. Turns out, as far as nu-metal goes, they’re pretty good. It only took me 7 years to figure that out though. Their first album is easily the best, and this is one of the more accessible songs on the album.

21. Sevendust – Clueless (from Alpha, 2007) – By far and away, Sevendust is the best band to come out of the nu-metal era, and they’re still going strong. This is one of my favorites on their latest album.

22. 36 Crazyfists – Bloodwork (from A Snow-Capped Romance, 2004) – A co-worker in Tioga introduced me to these guys, and and it took me almost a year to finally really listen to the three albums he gave me. I like these guys a lot, and this is from the album I listen to most often, their 2nd.

23. Nothingface – Error In Excellence (from An Audio Guide To Everyday Atrocity, 1998) – I heard of these guys back in 2000, and had their latest two CD’s for awhile. I dusted them off earlier in the spring, realized why I bought them in the first place, and went and found albums 1 and 2. This is off their 2nd album, and I’ve been listening to all 4 of their CD’s practically all summer.

24. Black Light Burns – Lie (from Cruel Melody, 2007) – This band is fronted by Wes Borland, who was better known as the guitar player for Limp Bizkit. This band/album sounds nothing like LB. At all. This is a good thing, and a really good album.

25. Chimaira – No Reason To Live (from Resurrection, 2007) – Pure American Metal from Cleveland, Ohio. I’m sure most of you won’t care for it, but A) I wanted to be as representative as possible with what I’ve been spinning lately, B) I’ve already gotten Adam to come over to the dark side, so I may get another one of you! and C) It’s awesome and you should just accept it. Seriously.

Boston Visitors

Much to tell about the past week! Roller hockey went okay on Wednesday night. With me filling in, we had four skaters and a goalie. Which meant no substitutions. Which means about half way through the game (20 minutes playing time), we were dead. And we still only lost 8-3! But it’s certainly exercise, and it’s still fun, so I signed up… another 10 weeks of hockey! Thankfully, this is on Wednesday nights, so we’ll have the weekend free.

Thursday night brought the arrival of Rebecca and Joel for a weekend visit! They got in late Thursday night, so we saw them to bed, essentially. They hung out with Rebecca’s brother while we were at work, and then Friday we reconvened for dinner (chicken shish-ka-bobs!), a walk, and some MacGregors, where Joel and I routed the girls in Euchre.

Saturday morning we made an illicit visit to the rest stop Tim Hortons behind the house for coffee while Tiff made us pancakes for breakfast. I say illicit because technically, the parking lot behind the Scottsville rest stop is for employees only. However, the walkway is wide open for us on the non-Thruway side to get to the building, and get to the Timmy Ho’s goodness contained therein! Sheer laziness on our part, as it’s much closer than the one on the corner of Lehigh and W. Henrietta. So after Tiff’s great breakfast, we embarked on our adventure, the Genesee Country Village in Mumford. A great historical museum just 20 minutes down the road! I’d been there once on a field trip in third grade I think, but I don’t remember a thing about it. I’m sure I appreciated it more now anyway. Life in upstate New York in the 1800’s is the focus of the museum, and they’ve done a wonderful job. They have a really cool carriage collection, some of the houses they’ve moved and preserved are really impressive, and we watched part of a baseball game played with 1860’s rules and uniforms (and equipment, or lack thereof, as they played bare-handed!). Alas, only one of the two teams wore their socks high, but the other team did wear suspenders, so the cool factor evened out ๐Ÿ™‚ We also talked to a “pioneer family”, a family from Hamburg that applied and was accepted to live as they did back then for a week in the houses on the grounds. Fun to explore, but they can relive it themselves, thanks… not for me! After the museum, we did a little bit of shopping, and then the big taco dinner back at our place. We followed that up with games, games and more games until we literally passed out!

This morning, after a leisurely breakfast, we got in another Scattergories game and some Trivial Pursuit before we saw Rebecca and Joel off for home. Tiff and I caught some lunch and did a little shopping at the mall, before braving the throngs of back-to-school college kid/parent shoppers at Target. You know the place is busy when there’s no carts in the corral at the front of the store. We escaped with our lives and purchases, hit Lowe’s, Weggies, and then home. It was minor project day for me, as I badly needed to rotate the wheels on my rollerblades, and then I added an outlet on the unfinished side of the basement. I had been “stealing” one from the finished side, and we were tired of it looking ghetto, so I finally added a box on the unfinished side. Dinner later, Tiff’s watching Harry Potter for the umpteenth time, and I’m watching the Steelers-Eagles pre-season game. Just maxin’ and relaxin’ ๐Ÿ™‚

And I’ve just seen one of the more idiotic song placements/bastardizations in a commercial that I’ve seen in a long time. A bunch of old white dudes (and one black guy playing drums) playing guitars, and singing (in the style of Elvis) “Viva Viagra”. Gentlemen, if you’d just head to Viva Las Vegas, I’m guessing you probably wouldn’t need the Viagra. You’re old, you’re lame, and your junk doesn’t work. Stop singing about it.

2 For 1 Camping Lowers My Taxes

Lots of stuff to get to this past weekend…

We started out Friday after work by taking the Wizard with us down to Horseheads for the weekend. We went out to dinner with Tiff’s parents to the local Chili’s, and for the second week in a row, I had “fun” with the waitstaff. This waitress was very nice, non-creepy, and did her job well. Except for explaining the drink “specials”. Chili’s advertises “2 for 1” well drinks and beers. So our waitress asks if we want the 2 for 1 beers (10 oz. apiece), or if we want the tall ones instead (23 oz.), as “they’re just about the same price”, and that since the 2 for 1 mugs of beer “have about an inch of foam on them each”. So I proceed to ask her, “So what you’re saying is, they can’t pour the mugs correctly (i.e. without foam), but they’ll pour the tall one with no foam?”. And then, if the tall ones are the same price, where’s the deal? So I asked her point blank, how much is the 2 for 1 beers? $4.99. Which is the same price as the tall one. “So you’re saying that one 10 oz. beer is $4.99?” “No, you get two of them.” “So where does the 2 for 1 come in?” “You get two mugs of beer.” “So the 2 for 1 is two 10 oz mugs of beer for one price of $4.99, in other words, there’s no deal whatsoever.” “…” [Blank Stare]. “Give me the tall one.” And of course, I’m the butt of the jokes the rest of the night from the waitress because I’m trying to get to the bottom of the “deal”. She was actually pleasant, (no manliness attacking this week!), but not very happy that I bothered to question what I was paying for. At least the food was good.

Saturday brought camping at Buttermilk with Matt, Lisa, Karl, Kelley, Karen, Jeremy, Ahmet, Lacey, and Lacey’s sister Krista. Since the campsites are at the bottom, that’s where we started, and went all the way up. Quite the hike. Very good exercise. Came back down, ate, drank some beers, and chilled. We had a great time, and even slept overnight in a tent. I know, amazing for us! ๐Ÿ™‚ We packed up early Sunday morning, and headed back to Horseheads for lunch with the parents. After filling up, we made our way back home, where I promptly gathered up my hockey gear and jumped back in the car. We actually won our second game of the year (beat the same team again!) 4-2, so now we’re waiting to see who we play next week.

After dinner, and while watching Tom Glavine get his 300th win, I came across a couple of interesting things while surfing…

An article from the D&C about big box retail in the Rochester area. I’m all for putting it in zoned commercial areas, and not necessarily shoe-horning them in just wherever. Everyone seems to bemoan Henrietta as the example of what not to do, as we have a ton of retail. Of course, nevermind that it’s all in one or two spots, and not near the residential areas. I like my taxes lower, thank you. From the article:

“The strong commercial district is a big reason for Henriettaโ€™s low property taxes. Rush-Henrietta School District residents paid a true-value school tax rate of $19.41 per $1,000 of assessed property value for the 2006-07 school year โ€” the lowest rate of the areaโ€™s 17 suburban school districts, according to the Monroe County School Boards Association.”

As long as they’re in the same commercial zones, keep ’em coming.

And Dan sent along an email this morning about a compelling new food product… Bacon Salt! I just ordered some, so expect a critique and review when they arrive.

The Virginia Beach Recap

Friday – Since Carlo slept over, we were up at 7, and out the door by 8:45. We loaded the car, and Tiff barely had enough room in the back seat with Wizard. He got to ride on Tiff’s lap for the trip down to Horseheads, and he was fairly vocal about it. We made it to Horseheads without incident, and after dropping off the cat, we were able to rearrange the car and give Tiff a bit more room. We restarted our journey down Route 15, seeing a lot of PA, catching some Burger King for lunch, and then seeing a whole lot more of PA. Right about the time I wondered aloud “Where the hell does Pennsylvania end?”, we saw the sign saying “Welcome to Maryland”, and the free for all traffic began. Rt. 15 is still not a “highway” with controlled access, and as such is a 55mph zone. You wouldn’t know it though, as we were doing 75 and still getting passed. We hit 495, and then the real driving fun started. Changing lanes, weaving, you name it. Came up on 95, and missed the first entrance into the express lanes. Check that, the *only* entrance for the express lanes. So we got to look out the window like kids on a rainy day at all the traffic flying by us while we’re stuck in the collector lanes. Hello rush hour! Around 6pm we make it to our stopping point for the day, Fredericksburg, VA. Thanks to Hotwire, we got a great deal on a room at the Best Western. Well, one of the two Best Westerns that are equidistant on either side of 95 (read: a mile away). You can guess how we figured out there was two! Thankfully, our hotel was across the street from a shopping mecca called Central Park, so we had something to occupy ourselves at night, including Smokey Bones for dinner. We shopped a little and called it a night, in order to tackle the rest of the driving in the AM.

Saturday – We got back on the road, had pretty much smooth sailing (save for the 295 to 64 junction), and then rolled into Virginia Beach about 1pm, meeting up with Karl and Kelley. We grabbed some lunch at the first place we saw (Red Robin), and then had the fastest check-in process ever. Sandbridge had a drive-through check-in process where we didn’t even have to get out of the car! We got the keys, got to Diggity Dunes (the name of our house), and after the cleaning ladies got done with their thing, we finally got in the place. And what a nice place! The pool in the back, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and we’re right across the street from the ocean. The beach isn’t private, but it may as well be, because it’s certainly not crowded at all. Joel and Becca rolled in not long after. We had a “blow up the inflatable tubes” party, and hopped in the pool for awhile. After a series of phone calls, we got Adam here, and headed out to the Baja Restaurant for dinner, which is down at the end of the beach. Seafood pizza anyone?? After everyone was full, we got back to the house and did our usual sitting around, having some beverages. Karl and Kelley had to split a little early, so we didn’t have the pleasure of their company on Sunday.

Sunday – It was supposed to rain all day, but it only rained part of it. Nevertheless, this was our shopping day, we rocked some Panera for breakfast, then proceeded getting all the groceries at the infamous Food Lion. Wegmans it ain’t. We came back, and headed out to the beach! As became ritual, after the beach (since the ocean was so cold), we’d come back to the pool and actually go in the water for more than 5 minutes! Adam manned the grill for some marinated chicken, so we certainly ate well. We also went out for ice cream to Coldstone Creamery, which I guess is a chain, and while the ice cream was very good, it was kinda expensive, and that cost seemed to go to the “upscale” look and feel of the place. Eh, the sugar rush was still good! After that, we just kinda sat around the living room playing games, cards, or whatever. I think a puzzle got completed as well.

Monday – We really didn’t have anything planned for this day, and I happened to get up really early (like 6:15) so I took the opportunity to take a peaceful walk on the beach. I got back and ended up falling asleep on the couch for a bit. I had forgotten to bring reading material with me, so my mission on this day was to find a bookstore. Tiffany, Adam and Carlo came with me as we first explored Gen. Booth Bvld, which is one of the main drags in our part of town. We discovered (and stopped at) a Salvation Army thrift store, but came up empty. They did, however, have a shrinkwapped copy of the Canadian version of the Hip’s Music @ Work though, which I thought was mighty strange! Making our way north to the big shopping center, The Virginia Beach Town Center had a Barnes and Noble, which proved to be just the ticket. In true form, I picked up two hockey books I’ve had my eye on for awhile, those being Marty Brodeur’s book, Beyond The Crease, and also a book called The Rebel League, about “The Short and Unruly Life of the World Hockey Association”. I also grabbed a book that Giants QB-turned-broadcaster Phil Simms wrote in 2004 called Monday Morning Quarterback from the bargain bin. We got back in time to hit the beach, and then flip some burgers on the grill. I spent the evening on the porch with Adam just talking and watching the passerby before heading off to bed.

Tuesday – We got our beach on in the morning, because we had a plan for the early afternoon! We drove the 15 minutes to the tourist strip on Atlantic Ave, to see the boardwalk and all the touristy shops. The girls got their shopping on, we had lunch at a sitdown pizza restaurant called Dough Boy’s (with a cute Carlo-approved waitress!), and then more walking. Adam had to catch a flight back to Buffalo at 5pm, so we parted ways with him on Atlantic Ave, and continued on back to the house. Tiffany made us some awesome baked ziti for dinner, and then I demolished the Phil Simms book while Carlo and the girls worked on a puzzle, and we played some games.

Wednesday – Another do-whatever day, we hit Panera again for breakfast, but this time I took the laptop and used some free wireless to do a quick catch up on emails and stuff. Came back and started in on the WHA book, which was full of tidbits and things I’d never heard before. This was also the day that Matt and Elise arrived, and as soon as they got here and got settled, we headed out to the Tiki Seagrille & Bar for dinner, due to Joel and Tiff’s desire for the all-you-can-eat sushi buffet. The rest of us enjoyed our dishes as well, and then we came back for some fun and games, notably Catch Phrase. Yay Catch Phrase!

Thursday – Woke up and finished the WHA book, so I started in on the Brodeur one. He had a lot to say, and did so very candidly. I guess three Cups and two Vezina’s grant you that candidness. I think I have a bit more respect for Marty now, reading his thoughts on the NHL and the game in general. We then hit the Beach first, pool second. The crabs were out in full force on the beach! Poking their little heads out of the sand, peering out, and then either scurrying on the beach, or sinking back into their tunnels, they were fascinating to watch. Waited until about 4pm to hit the tourist strip again, to show Matt and Elise, and so Tiff and Becca could do a return trip to a couple shops. We came back, and Becca and Tiff put out a marvelous spread for tacos for dinner. So so full. We played a spirited game of Uno, had some dessert, and then did some reading and conversing.

Friday – Tiff, Joel and Becca hit the beach, Carlo, Matt and Elise went to the Aquarium, so being left to my own devices, I explored a little bit, going up and down Sandfiddler road to see the rest of the beach houses, including the one I stayed at the last time I was here. I also went to the shopping plaza, and went somewhere that I simply can’t go to at home. A Sonic drive-in! We see the commercials back home all the time, but we don’t have one close at all. It’s pretty much a fast-food joint, but you order from your car, and they bring the food out to you, in your car. Their breakfast burrito was damn good! I came back to find Tiff and Becca poolside, wine in hand. At noon! The girls kinda partied themselves out a bit too quickly and spent most of the afternoon sleeping it off. They revived themselves just in time for our BBQ chicken dinner on the grill, and then we headed out to play a round of mini-golf. Tiff, who was none the worse for wear, tied with Matt for the low score… Back to the house for a bit of nighttime fun in the pool and then the dreaded packing. Sleep came early, as did the next morning!

Saturday – We were up by 6am, had the car packed, and were out the door by 7:30. We were making excellent time, and decided to stop on the commercial strip on Rt 15 in Sellinsgrove, PA for some Wendy’s for lunch. Got back on the road, and since I missed the turn where US-11 splits from 15, we took 15 North instead of PA-147 and I-180 to get to Williamsport, which added about 15 minutes to our trip time. Tiff was going to call her parents to tell them of our delay, when she suddenly realized her phone was in her purse. Which was back at Wendy’s. 45 minutes away. After using my phone to call 411, and getting an operator that miraculously connected us to the Wendy’s (since at the time, we couldn’t remember the name of the town!) to verify that the purse was indeed there (thanks to the folks at the Sellinsgrove Wendy’s!!), we backtracked (down 180 this time!), got the purse (and got some Frosty’s!), and headed back for home again. We rolled into Horseheads about 6:45, scarfed down some pizza, picked up Wizard, and got home about 9:30.

We had a ton of fun on the trip, did a couple things, did a lot of nothing, and generally had a relaxing vacation! Hit the thumbnail below for the pictures!


Moving… Up The Standings

Ruminations while living amongst boxes, waiting for the big move…

My CD racks look plenty sad with no CD’s in them. ๐Ÿ™

Why couldn’t we have traded January’s weather for February’s? I don’t want to move in the middle of a blizzard!

The Sabres are on a hell of a roll again! After knocking off Philly on Friday, and the Senators last night, I think the rest of the league is finally taking notice. 4th in the Conference, and only 4 back of Ottawa for the division lead right now. And the game are exciting! Tampa is finally getting their stuff together too, and they’re sitting at 6th in the conference, tied with Jersey. I honestly don’t pay too much attention to the standings until the All Star / Olympic break, and this season is no different.

Speaking of the Olympics, how cool is it that NBC/USA are showing all of the men’s and women’s Team USA hockey games in their entirety, live, and commercial free? Even with the time difference, the games are on in the afternoon, and we get these channels in the break room at work! Yay!!

We attempted to go ice skating again last night, but unbeknownst to us, there was a high school hockey tournament going on. Bah.

You Can Get With This…

Since this is the last weekend Becca is going to be staying with us before she heads to Boston for school, we figured we’d make the most of it, and “go out”. How better to start? How about mini-golf? One fairly competitive game later, I came out victorious over Tiff, Becca, and Tony. The powers that be seem to have improved “The Clubhouse Fun Center” (read: the old Putt-Putt off of Jefferson) somewhat from the last time I’d been there, so it wasn’t like playing on a ratty course.

Anyway, after mini-golf, Adam met up with us and we set out for our usual stomping grounds, the Alexander Street strip. But first, a detour to Tiff’s co-worker Greg’s house for some pre-gaming. We stuck around there for about 45 minutes, and after landing a super-sweet parking spot, we hit up Barfly, and then Coyote Joe’s, so the girls could dance for a bit. Because we know there’s no way hell I’m dancing. After all, it’s not like we were at Rumours or something ๐Ÿ™‚

“Now you can get with this, or you can get with that…”

The song featuring this hook came on at Coyote Joe’s last night, and we were racking our brains to figure out where we knew it from (Tony knew it, but hip-hop is his genre). Then we figured it out this morning. Is it bad that the reason I know that song (The Choice Is Yours, by Black Sheep) is not from the original release in the early 90’s, but from the god-awful JC Penney’s commercial for this season’s back to school? Damn marketers!

Anyway, after our travels on the strip, we flew back to Buffalo Wild Wings and pigged out. Mini Corn Dogs yo!! Back to the apartment, and I crashed faster than a blond behind the wheel of a Mustang. Had fun, and today looks like we’ll just be loungin’.

Music Televisionโ€ฆ playing Music?

So I’m going to try to get back to real posts, and not crappy updates on the state of the site.

First off, as I was flipping channels this morning, I was confused. Horribly, horribly confused. MTV was playing videos. Of music! And it wasn’t hip-hop or rap! I could scarcely believe my eyes as I saw not only one, but TWO videos back to back! 8 minutes of programming before the commercial onslaught again. And dare I say, decent videos? The new System of a Down track, “B.Y.O.B.”, and then the new Weezer track, “Beverley Hills”, which I have to admit is kinda catchy.

We have been instructed at work to use discretion when congratulating a customer on a Jackpot win. We actually had someone complain that they were congratulated, because this miserable woman “spent way more than this trying to win something”. Boo freakin hoo. Be gracious, say thank you, and go dump it all back in the machines.

People will complain about anything, and if they’re getting it for free, that’s no good either. Thursdays are free coffee and soft drink days, and you’d think people would be happy about that. But noooooo… they bitch and moan even more than they do when they have to pay! (I know, it should be comped anyway, but its not.) Oh, we’re giving away scratch-off lottery tickets? Complain that you didn’t win. Loudly. So as to embarrass yourself.

By the way, Congratulations!

Super Sunday

So the Super Bowl “party” of sorts was at Genny Park. Needless to say, we had a ton of food, and stuffed our faces ๐Ÿ™‚ Dan more or less hosted, Kelley and Karl were there, Chip and Cathy, me and Tiff, Jeff and Steph came later, Karl’s Lisa, and even Kevin Rewkowski showed up for a bit. Kelley, your sandwich maker is damn cool!! A couple of things about this fine evening…

1. Where are all you Raiders fans now? Everyone that I told that I was rooting for the Bucs said I was crazy… where y’all now? I’m glad the Raiders did come back in the third though, made the game worth it to watch.

2. It’s an omen, the Bucs win the Super Bowl, the Lightning are gonna win the Cup this year, you heard it here first!!

3. The SNL halftime thing was funny up until Jimmy Fallon at the end… coulda done without that. The Hardball bit was hysterical… Tracy Morgan as Al Sharpton was a riot ๐Ÿ™‚

4. John Madden is still an idiot. At least Al Michaels knows what he’s talking about.

5. The Ads – They were decent this year!! The instant replay Bud commercial, the CastAway FedEx spot, the Dodge Ram choking one, (come to think of it, most of the Bud and Bud Light spots)… there weren’t a whole lot of duds this year.

6. While I got chided for not *watching* the Alias spots (yes, Jennifer Garner is hot, I’m not blind!!), did anyone else catch the music in the background? It sounds like Audioslave, BUT IT AIN’T!!! Could there be a more blatant “Cochise” ripoff ever? I seem to recall ABC doing this before with White Zombie’s “More Human Than Human” also…. (Scott, back me up on this one!). Guys, either license it or get some original music!!

And of course, what would a party be without pictures? Head to the picture page for the rest of them… This is about as excited as Chip got ๐Ÿ™‚