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The Holiday Silly Season

As I write this, the whirlwind Christmas season has come to a close (can’t really say the holidays, as New Years is still ahead of us.), and what a season we had this year. Work ended on Tuesday night, followed up by volleyball. On Wednesday, we made the colossal Wegmans run, prepped the house for the ensuing visitors, and got a good night’s sleep. Woke up Thursday morning, got some last minute wrapping done, and we welcomed Mom and Dad S. to the house. We got them settled, then made another Weggie’s run to get the catering and some last-minute stuff. Came back home, and Tiff and her mom went to work in the kitchen getting food for dinner and Christmas Day ready. We had a very nice dinner and celebrated Tiff’s father’s birthday. Opened a couple stocking stuffers at night to get in the Christmas spirit, and called it a night rather early in anticipation of Christmas Day.

We got the house ready, Tiff and Mom got the food ready, and then the Bonus/Kowalenko caravan rolled in around 12:45. We got them unloaded and in, and commenced with the food, drink, and merriment! Tons of snacks, Amanda’s buffalo wing dip, some good beers, getting full even before dinner. We packed 15 people into the house, and that’s about our limit! We opened a couple gifts, then had Grandma’s perogies and Dad’s mushroom soup as appetizers. Gotta move some of the old traditions to our place! Opened a couple more gifts, and then it was time for the big dinner. Ham, squash, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, etc. Excellent. After everyone digested and had their fill, we filled up even more with cookies and the cheesecake my aunt and uncle brought. It was awesome to have everyone up to our place, and thankfully the weather held out so driving for everyone wasn’t a factor. A wonderful Christmas, and for our first time hosting, it went really well.

What to do the day after Christmas? Why, go shopping of course! We hit a couple places in Henrietta, then after lunch at the Distillery and a quick detour to Beers of the World, we trucked out to Eastview to get our shop on. The mall was packed, even more so than any mall I saw before Christmas. A jaunt back to Barnes and Noble in Pittsford, then back home for a dinner of the best leftovers from the night before. Still tasted great. For the nightcap, Tiff and her parents watched the latest Harry Potter movie while I watched the Sabres lose.

We got up early the next morning, and grabbed a really good breakfast at Peppermints on W. Henrietta Rd. Yum. We saw Tiff’s parents off, cleaned up the house a bit, then Pat and Jodi came over. We did our little gift exchange, and went out for a big late lunch at Sticky Lips. One BBQ platter later, we rolled out of there and came back to the house and visited for a little bit. We saw Pat and Jodi off, and then I saw myself off to Buffalo to meet Adam and hit up the Every Time I Die Christmas show at Mohawk Place. Since that didn’t start ’til 9, we grabbed some dinner and pre-gamed a bit at the Thirsty Buffalo on Elmwood. Had a good time there, watched the Jets prevent the Colts from going undefeated, and watched the Sabres beat the Blues. We trekked down to Mohawk, met my buddy Art, and had a great time hanging out at the show. Thankfully, I only had to drive back to NT, not Rochester, and Dad was still up to greet me!

Slept in a bit, putzed around in the morning, and then Dad and I grabbed some lunch at Ted’s (mmm, Char-Broiled hotdogs!) before I bounced back to Rochester and Dad took off for the office. Got back home, lounged a bit, made a Weggie’s run, and after dinner I organized the basement, watched some hockey, I’m still watching some football, and barring some disaster, I’ll win my second straight fantasy football title! Not looking forward to getting ready to head back to work tomorrow, but I do have volleyball tomorrow night though, so that oughta be the usual rip-roaring good time! Working Wednesday and Thursday also, and then New Years Eve festivities…

The Storm Dividing Line

It was more impressive in person for sure, but I tried to grab a quick vid of the “dividing line” of the thunderstorm yesterday as I was driving home on Rush-Henrietta Townline Road:


On To Round 2, with Discipline

We chilled over at Dave and Michaela’s place to watch the two games (well, game and a half) last night, and while I was on the fence between San Jose and Calgary, I’m pretty bummed that Washington lost. Happy for Biron, but could care less about the rest of the team. Now that the re-seeding is done, my horses for this round are probably going to be Montreal (screw Philly), Pittsburgh (can’t root for the Rangers!), Colorado (root for the Dead Things? Nope!), and San Jose (can’t root for Dallas, even though I do like Turco). Something tells me that San Jose isn’t going to beat the Stars though, don’t know why. I think Detroit had it too east against the Preds, so the Avs will make that some semblance of a series.

What the hell am I going to do without a hockey game to watch tonight? I guess I could watch the Mets lose to the Nats.

I love getting behind morons on cell phones on the way to work. Especially when they start drifting into your lane, you honk, and they look at you like you’re in the wrong. HANG UP. Not that she looked like she was capable of driving even without the distractions, but that’s beside the point. And quite judgmental, which we all know I’m nothing of the sort. 🙂

And lest I forget, the new NIN! “Discipline” is the name of the new track, and you can now get it officially from nin.com for FREE dollars. It’s a catchy little tune, reminiscent of With Teeth type stuff. Apparently it was mastered Monday night, and the finished track was emailed to KROQ in Los Angeles Tuesday afternoon, at which point began the internet feeding frenzy. And the real official download just went up today, with another “coming soon” announcement supposedly coming on May 5th. Last time they did this, it resulted in Ghosts I-IV, so we’ll see what happens this time around.

Rolling Lard, Internet Illiterati, and Oh Yeah, Visiting

Well shiver me timbers, I’m writing again…

First, an anecdote from my morning commute. Gotta love getting stuck behind some morbidly obese woman pulling out of Tim Horton’s this morning, who while trying to compact her massive girth into her car (without the the doors popping open) was simultaneously trying to compact her entire donut into her mouth (WITH TWO HANDS!) and drive her car. She was only marginally successful, as both steering and acceleration were foreign concepts to her. If you can’t eat in the car without doing more than 5 mph and weaving all over the place, then please don’t. I realize that not shoving food into your gaping maw for even two seconds means you might lose some weight, may improve your driving skill, and might even increase your social standing, but for the love of Timmy, please try. Your car’s suspension begs you.

Secondly, I was greeted with an email notification this morning of a comment on one of the CD entries. The new Shawn Mullins CD, Honeydew, which is a Tiff CD. I get the following comment:

# Steve Says:
March 27th, 2008 at 4:25 am e

“Since she never does her own reviews, I found Shawn’s own take on the album”

SHE? Shawn’s a HE

Thanks for the tip, dumbass. It usually helps if one reads the *entire* review, which handily started with the line that makes it all make sense, which I gleefully pointed out…

# Woopop Says:
March 27th, 2008 at 9:36 am e

Way to take it out of context, skippy… Back up just one line:

THIS IS CD #1000! Figures, it’d be one of Tiff’s 🙂

“She”, referring to Tiff. My wife. From the line above. Reading Comprehension FTW.

There’s just no accounting for intelligence on the Internet.

So last weekend was a blur, as we went down to Ithaca and Horseheads for a number of reasons. The first one, chronologically, was to see Rebecca perform with her improv comedy troupe. They’re called The Wingspace Theater Co., and we caught their performance at a place on the Commons called The Lost Dog Cafe. I laughed, so it must have been funny (because I’m such a critic, you know!). Saturday brought Joel/Rebecca wedding location hunting, and also a Budget Truck rental, one way from Ithaca to Rochester (via Horseheads). More on that in a sec. Saturday night we met Tiff’s parents, the rest of the dancing couples, and Pat and Jodi in Watkins Glen for dinner and “dancing”, and also to celebrate Aunt Cathy’s birthday. I put dancing in quotes, because as everyone well knows, I don’t (can’t) dance. But we had a great time, and seeing that we practically had the band and bar to ourselves, our great time wasn’t really infringed upon by anyone else! After getting up on Sunday, we trucked on down (literally) to Horseheads, where we picked up the two-section couch from Tiff’s parents, and enjoyed Easter Dinner. We hauled home, returned the truck, and pretty much crashed after that.

Tiff started her new job on Monday, Tuesday saw us prepping the basement for repainting, and last night I chilled at Hot Shots as Tiff played volleyball. If all goes well we’re painting tonight, and then we can put the basement back together the way we want it. Another fun project for me! (No, really, it will be fun!)

Violence Towards Car Phones

Bumper Sticker of the day: “Park Your Phone Booth and Try Driving The Car”

I’m subbing for a roller hockey team at All-Star Sports in Irondequoit tomorrow, hopefully it turns into playing full time. I feel like I just hit my stride now after 12 weeks at Lakeshore, and I want to keep playing. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

My latest EBay purchase just came in the mail today… a kickass Nothingface shirt from a tour that came nowhere near here, that I certainly didn’t attend 🙂 The shirt is practically brand new though!

Cats Gone Wild

As I’m anxiously waiting for the end of the day to come, so I can get to the Alice In Chains / Velvet Revolver show…

We had hot kitteh-on-kitteh action on our back lawn the other night! This brownish striped (tawny, even) cat was prowling around the house for the past day or two, driving Wizard nuts, as of course he’s trying to get at said cat. The brown one would just camp out on the deck, or the front steps, stare, and meow constantly. We shooed it away a couple of times, but it was persistent. Then Tuesday night, we hear two different meows, and look out the window to see the brown cat “spooning” with the gimpy black cat that we see occasionally. Lots of meowing, but they certainly weren’t fighting! We must have caught them at the end, because they “finished”, got up, stared at each other for a good thirty seconds or so, then turned in different directions, and walked away! Haven’t seen either of them since. We think the brown one was in heat… (a Tawny Kitaen?!?!) and got her urge satisfied.

We met Adam, Carlo and Matt D. at Wild Wings last night after work for a beer and some wings. Good times, even though it looked like redneck and fatty night. Seriously, there was a *ahem* larger number than usual of both groups.

We’re hoping to *finally* stain the deck over the weekend!