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I'm supposed to Instagram my gourmet lunch, am I doing it right? #artisan


A Christmas gift from Mom&Dad Swasta... More liquid gold from @IthacaBeer !
A Christmas gift from Mom&Dad Swasta... More liquid gold from @IthacaBeer !

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When Spam Goes Full Retard

Of course, there was an attached .png with an ad for Viagra, but the body of this spam was just mind-boggling!

from Marion Gaines
to wally@woopsor.com
date Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 4:59 PM
subject The Angel in Red Speaks to Us

and then i realized i love her so much
dinner i kind of snack or have a lunch type meal again dinner is tricky because i still need to prepare dinner for my family so i do but im not super hungry at night so i just eat whatever broccoli a little of what theyre having or snacky stuff or chicken wings or crispy thin crust pizza but i always end the day with a low carb ice cream bar
im just obsessed with him
1 make stuff knit 2 april 3 fond of 4 Crochet Stack 5 noon 8 6 layering 7 7mos 8 afternoon 9 sleepy mama 10 waiting for me 11 Theres only one captain on this boat 12 Very Special Scarves 13 Michelle Williams ? 14 new drawing corner 15 the other side 16 Untitled 17 pride and joy 18 steven alan imitation 19 atthestove 20 Untitled 21 film207 22 hi 23 Working 24 Lashes 25 s t i l l morning quiet time 26 anthem for a 17 year-old girl 27 Untitled 28 reasons for staying 29 Untitled 30 book girl 31 Untitled 32 ships ahoy 33 juk box 34 35 grapefruit & new curtains 36 gams
Ill show you what ive been working on soon- theyre presents and i have to give them away first have a nice monday
like this one for instance my older brother uploaded it while reminiscing about the old buggie he rebuilt in the 80s
we lived on a corner in a typical oc tract neighborhood
i thought id live there forever one day when i was 12 my dad quit his job and we moved to lake tahoe it rocked my stable world
Off to the kindergarten valentine party
i really really need my bedroom to be simple and uncluttered and white for calming purposes you know what i mean
me um we didnt have computers in our homes then
and how every plan ive ever made has been reconstructed into something harder and better than what i laid out as my own agenda
i had a really tumultuous teenager-hood i was a happy and smart little kid it was surprising when so much angst welled up inside me
it was the first time i realized that things dont always go how you think they will and that it all can turn out better than you imagined
and then i found myself a mother funny i thought id teach awhile longer and have grant all to myself and save some money
and that made me think of all the insomniatic nights that she stayed up with me and mirrored my every move and snuggled me right out of my anxiety into dreamland long after grant and cate had drifted off
cate what did you play on the computer then
but we feel more blessed and amazed than ever at lifes unexpected twists and turns and how happy we are that there is a loving heavenly father that understands the little picture we have in our minds for our lives and gently and lovingly helps us change our vision to a masterpiece i really love life
i know some people dont love the whole valentines thing but it is so fun to me i dont care if the greeting card company made it up- any day where i get to be pretty treated with sweetness have a declicious dinner and some romance is right on in my book
well just as we were making preparations to get moving grant was granted that job he wanted right here in utah i guess were staying put (sorry shellie i wanted to live by you and drive to see ray and the beach on weekends real bad)

All I Wanted Was A Pepsi…


I just flipped on VH1 Classic in time to catch the video for Suicidal Tendencies’ “Institutionalized”, which was awesome. I still remember seeing Beavis and Butthead dissect this video, and them pretty much loving it 🙂

The family party was a [cue Borat] “Great Success!” yesterday, and we had way more food than we needed. Everyone left happy and stuffed, and I didn’t burn the burgers this time! Yay!

Most of Saturday was spent in preparation for the party, cleaning up the outside of the house, and since we pulled the stumps, we threw down some patchmaster and we’re gonna see if we can grow some grass. It came out OK the last time we did this on the side of the house, so it should look pretty decent.