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December 2013 @Woopop Twitter Archive









I'm supposed to Instagram my gourmet lunch, am I doing it right? #artisan


A Christmas gift from Mom&Dad Swasta... More liquid gold from @IthacaBeer !
A Christmas gift from Mom&Dad Swasta... More liquid gold from @IthacaBeer !

November 2013 @Woopop Twitter Archive



September 2013 @Woopop Twitter Archive

Eric's Twitter Week-In-Review

  • So wrestling isn't real, yet dude's pressing charges after @cmpunk hits him? #confused #
  • Words of wisdom from my Subway sandwich artist today: "All I need is money and a smile." Indeed, good sir. Indeed. #
  • Someone in the drive-thru line at Tim Horton's is gonna be upset when they get my coffee instead of their hot chocolate that I'm enjoying! #

Eric's Twitter Week-In-Review

  • This week's sign you're getting old: The Mighty Ducks was released 20 years ago. http://t.co/GMOEgLR1 #
  • Just saw a pink gorilla on a bicycle go riding through the parking lot at work. #ForSerious #
  • How do you call the infield fly rule in the outfield? Braves just got HOSED. #
  • Can someone tell Samsung that the new iPhone is already out, and thus, tell them to change up their commercial? #hipsterscantsellphones #
  • Just chillin on a Sunday morning! http://t.co/l38Ez19f #
  • I'm at Genesee Brew House (Rochester, NY) http://t.co/6RozcqqA #

Eric's Twitter Week-In-Review

Eric's Twitter Week-In-Review

  • Just completed a 1.37 mi walk – Late night take-a-nap walk with Nate! http://t.co/zcCJQV53 #RunKeeper #
  • People can say whatever they want, but the 5 is certainly faster than the 4. LTE doesn't hurt either! #unlimiteddataFTW #
  • iPhone 5 Has Already Been Jailbroken – well that didn't take long! http://t.co/zK9kjXhn #
  • I'm at Dairy Queen Grill & Chill (Rochester, NY) http://t.co/25osyK5Z #
  • So uh, LTE is fast. 23 Mbps down, 11 up. That rivals my cable modem for down, and kills it for upload! #
  • This #NFL red zone channel is insane! #