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Pay The Fine, This Post's Overdue

What’s up with this fluffy white garbage? I didn’t sign up for it this early I don’t believe. Good thing I had the scrapers in the car already.

Upon first run-through, the new Toadies album, No Deliverance, sounds like vintage Toadies. In other words, it’s pretty good!

Due to someone (who, me? never.) neglecting to re-up until the last minute, my team is now going to be playing volleyball on Wednesday nights, same as Tiff. Hot Shots mayhem all around! Well, sorta. We equaled last sessions 8-19 record, (that’s a .421 winning percentage for those scoring at home) good for 10th place (out of 12 teams). The last place team was 2-25, so we can at least say we’re better than them!

I never did do the Falls trip recap. We had a good time, and hit mostly everything a tourist would hit, including Casino Niagara, Clifton Hill, the Hershey Store, the SkyWheel, the Floral Clock, Butterfly Conservatory, White Water Walk, Maid of the Mist, Journey Behind The Falls, the Inclined Railway, Fallsview Casino, and the Niagara Falls Bird Kingdom, which was actually really really cool. I actually had a really good time, because as I kept saying all weekend, I never really did the touristy stuff when I’d go over. I could tell you where the bars were, and that was about it! Having said that, I don’t have to do any of it again for awhile now 🙂 The new Doubletree down the street from Fallsview where we stayed was very nice as well.

So what’s to look forward to? Sabres games, Halloween, and uh, sitting at home. Hopefully not shoveling snow for awhile yet.

Let's Go Backwards! (Or, Crying In My Soup(y))

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you see something new…

Shoveling the driveway this morning (thank you six inches of snow!), it was bad enough that two parents on our street (and we all know how long our street is (or isn’t)) drove their kids to the corner to wait for the bus, and bad enough yet that they sit in the cars at said corner until the bus comes. (Man up, Nancies!!) But that’s not the best part. Some woman drives her kid to the bus stop from the far end of the cul-de-sac, in her Mercedes SUV. *BACKWARDS* Because she was too lazy to scrape the front windshield. The bus shows up, the kid gets picked up, and she comes down the street to go back home… *BACKWARDS*. As in, in reverse. I had to just stand and stare in awe, because I couldn’t believe my eyes. Perhaps the payments on the Mercedes SUV are so high they can’t afford a snow brush and ice scraper (but yet can afford to waste all that gas). I can see it now… “bbbbbbbut, the rear window defrosts itself!” Unfarkingbelievable.

And speaking of unfarkingbelievable (or a really good acting job):

“I’ve loved every minute of it,” Campbell said. “I hope they’ve enjoyed watching me play. Don’t boo me when I come back. C’mon, that’s all. Don’t boo me.”

Sure Brian, if you loved playing here so much, why didn’t you just take the 3-year deal for $6mil a year instead of listening to your dumb-ass agent? How much difference is three years versus six anyway, it’s not like they were undercutting you on per-year dollars. Of course we’re going to boo you, just like we boo Briere and we boo Drury. Cuz they took the money and ran too. Marty just wanted to play, which is a far more noble reason to ask for a trade, and it’s hard to hold a grudge against something like that. Business is business, and if you want your pay-day, and you’re “looking out for number one”, then fine, go on your merry way. But don’t expect us to bid you a fond farewell, and don’t expect us to like it, like you, or like your reasoning.

Apparently Bernier is going to wear #56, becoming only the second Sabre to wear it, behind Ken Priestlay. Kinda suprised he wasn’t going for #62 (his #26 in SJ backwards), but hey, different is good.

A Bonus By Any Other Name…

As usual, hardly any updates. Nothing’s really been going on! Work, home, shovel the driveway, play Wii, repeat. I did pick up Mario Kart: Double Dash and Super Smash Bros. Melee, so I’ve been messing around with those. Of course, those are GameCube games, as I’m holding out until after Christmas to get any more Wii games.

Lovely weather we’re having! You’d think we’d be under six feet of snow the way the news is going on and on about it. As Sara said, IT’S WINTER, it’s going to snow sometimes and we don’t need a storm warning every other day for an inch of snow. If you’re gonna forecast a blizzard, let’s get one! Hell, CNN had a guy on a live remote from Syracuse with the tagline “Extreme Weather”. Only the guy was wearing a baseball cap, no gloves, and THERE WAS NO SNOW FALLING! All the while he’s going on about how bad it “could” be. Riiiiiiiiiiight. FAIL.

Horseheads was fun this weekend, we saw Rebecca and Joel, did some shopping. Good times. The mall was packed on Saturday, and absolutely dead on Sunday morning, thanks to the weather scare mongering. Better for us!

I was researching domain names, just for fun, and I wanted to see if bonusfamily.com was available. It’s not, and in fact, is being used for a non-profit organization to support “blended” families of divorced parents and their kids. From their website:
What’s a Bonus Family?
Technically, a bonus family is a stepfamily or a single parent living with their children and another adult partner. … We believe there are three stages of adjustment to a bonus family. At first you may not feel like a family … In a bonus family you feel appreciated for who you are even though you are not biologically related to everyone in the family … You’ll know when you get there–when you no longer feel comfortable referring to your relatives as step. So, rather than stepmom, it’s bonus mom. Stepdad becomes bonus dad. Stepsister or stepbrother becomes bonus sister and bonus brother.

Mom and Dad, I think you guys went about this family thing all wrong… We’re not supposed to be related at all!! Er, make that Bonus Mom and Bonus Dad. It’s too bad that their cafepress.com store is broken, some of the merch would be humorous to obtain!

The Music Mix Challenge

A large group of us recently put together a mix of the music we’ve been listening to as of late, a little bit of a soundtrack to 2006-2007 if you will. Naturally, since I usually put forth way too much effort into these things, everyone else has to stick it to me a little bit, and as such I received a couple of CD’s full of the most hysterically bad stuff everyone could conjure up. Only Dan would think to put Charlene’s “I’ve Never Been To Me” on a CD (seriously, that song shouldn’t be on any CD’s… ANYWHERE), Karen + Jeremy saw fit to make a CD chock full of Britney, Jessica Simpson and Indigo Girls songs, Kelley found some acoustic songs with worse singers than the local karaoke bar, and Adam just repeated the same shitty 5 songs as many times as they’d fit. Thanks guys! My faith in your taste still hasn’t wavered!

Anyway, Matt threw his list up on his site, so I figured I’d do the same, just for fun. Of course, I actually remembered to put the liner notes in with my CD’s 🙂

1. Vanilla Ice – Yo Vanilla! (from To The Extreme, 1990) – Um, gotta kick this off right!

2. Burden Brothers – Buried in Your Black Heart (from Buried in Your Black Heart, 2003) – I saw them in March, and have been listening much more regularly since then. You may recognize the voice… Todd Lewis was the lead singer for the Toadies.

3. Cake – Mahna Mahna (from B-Sides and Rarities, 2007) – Everyone loves Cake, so everyone should love Cake covering the Muppets!

4 Pride Tiger – Let ‘Em Go (from The Lucky Ones, 2007) – Pride Tiger is a Canadian band that I saw as the first opener for Finger Eleven, and they blew me away with their live show. The album’s pretty good too.

5. Alter Bridge – Ties That Bind (from Blackbird, 2007) – This is off the 2nd album by the other 3/4 of Creed and the singer from The Mayfield Four. Sorta Creed-like, but a little harder, and way less preachy!

6. Will Hoge – The Man Who Killed Love (from The Man Who Killed Love, 2006) – Tiff saw him open for Edwin McCain a couple of years ago, then got all the music, and now I really like him as well. He’s a great rock/blues/country singer/songwriter.

7. Eric Hutchinson – You’ve Got You (from Sounds Like This, 2007) – We saw him open for Toby Lightman in Geneseo, and he’s another one of those pop singer/songwriters you’d see on VH1, except he’s not famous yet. But he should be.

8. Sevendust – Grasshopper (from Home, 1999) – A goofy little filler track.

9. Killswitch Engage – Holy Diver (from As Daylight Dies (Special Edition), 2006) – A cover of the Dio classic, which KsE make sound like their own. Yay Massachusetts metalcore!

10. Breaking Benjamin – Topless (from Phobia, 2006) – I’ve seen them three times already this year, and they’ve been great every time. A great radio hard-rock band.

11. Matthew Good – Born Losers (from Hospital Music, 2007) – Another Canadian, another artist I’ve seen live this year. I’ve liked MG since 1997, and his new stuff is still good.

12. Emerson Hart – Ordinary (from Cigarettes and Gasoline, 2007) – You may know EH as the lead singer of Tonic. His solo album just came out, and it’s a bit mellower than most of Tonic’s stuff.

13. Psychostick – BEER! (from We Couldn’t Think Of A Title, 2006) – Karl and I found this song within a week of each other, and we laugh our asses off every time we hear it. “Uh, I think you’ve had enough…” “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

14. Seether – Like Suicide (from Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces, 2007) – First song on Seether’s new album, which I like a lot better than their last one. More radio rock, but hey, not that there’s anything wrong with that!

15. Stone Sour – Made Of Scars (from Come What(ever) May, 2006) – Saw ’em twice this year. You’ve probably heard “Through Glass” enough times to stab yourself in the ear when it comes on, but this is more what Stone Sour actually sounds like, and is a way better song. Fun Fact: lead singer Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root both perform those same duties in Slipknot.

16. The Tragically Hip – The Kids Don’t Get It (from World Container, 2006) – I’ve loved the Hip forever, and this is my favorite from their new album. Saw ’em twice this year, front row the 2nd time!

17. nine inch nails – capital g (from Year Zero, 2007) – Trent came back with a noisy album that sounds a lot like most of his Downward Spiral-era remixes. It’s cool. So is this song. So are song titles with no capital letters (see what he did there?)

18. Maroon5 – Wake Up Call (from It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, 2007) – Yes, I like slickly produced, well crafted pop. Like Maroon5. No, I’m not ashamed. Yet.

19. House of Pain – Commercial 1 (from House Of Pain, 1992) – “He who breaks the law, goes back to the House of Pain!”

20. Mudvayne – Dig (from L.D. 50, 2000) – I dismissed Mudvayne as useless nu-metal when they came out, mainly due to all idiot kids that liked them. Turns out, as far as nu-metal goes, they’re pretty good. It only took me 7 years to figure that out though. Their first album is easily the best, and this is one of the more accessible songs on the album.

21. Sevendust – Clueless (from Alpha, 2007) – By far and away, Sevendust is the best band to come out of the nu-metal era, and they’re still going strong. This is one of my favorites on their latest album.

22. 36 Crazyfists – Bloodwork (from A Snow-Capped Romance, 2004) – A co-worker in Tioga introduced me to these guys, and and it took me almost a year to finally really listen to the three albums he gave me. I like these guys a lot, and this is from the album I listen to most often, their 2nd.

23. Nothingface – Error In Excellence (from An Audio Guide To Everyday Atrocity, 1998) – I heard of these guys back in 2000, and had their latest two CD’s for awhile. I dusted them off earlier in the spring, realized why I bought them in the first place, and went and found albums 1 and 2. This is off their 2nd album, and I’ve been listening to all 4 of their CD’s practically all summer.

24. Black Light Burns – Lie (from Cruel Melody, 2007) – This band is fronted by Wes Borland, who was better known as the guitar player for Limp Bizkit. This band/album sounds nothing like LB. At all. This is a good thing, and a really good album.

25. Chimaira – No Reason To Live (from Resurrection, 2007) – Pure American Metal from Cleveland, Ohio. I’m sure most of you won’t care for it, but A) I wanted to be as representative as possible with what I’ve been spinning lately, B) I’ve already gotten Adam to come over to the dark side, so I may get another one of you! and C) It’s awesome and you should just accept it. Seriously.

Boston Visitors

A quick recap while doing my favorite pastime… enjoying a nice cold beer and watching hockey…

The Hip show on Thursday was awesome, and equally as awesome was the weekend that followed it. We had visitors from Boston! Becca came up to visit with her new beau, Joel, and stayed with us for thw weekend. Making this even better, Tiffany and I both took Friday off in anticipation, so we all had a 3-day weekend. Thursday night saw us just sitting around and talking, most of which I missed due to the show. Friday was our shopping bonanza at the Waterloo outlets, and being the domesticated freak that I am, the coolest purchase made was my extension cord reel that has outlets in the center of it! After that marathon, we relazed at the house for a little bit before heading out to dinner at our favorite Rochester eatery, The Beale Street Cafe. As Joel spent a good deal of his life in Texas, I asked him how the BBQ stacked up to the read deal at home, and he was quite impressed with Beale Street’s offerings. Back to the house for another respite, and then the nightcap was at our usual watering hole, MacGregors. We actually had quite a table, as we had Carlo, Adam, Matt, and Lisa join us. After a raucous evening, we retreated back to the house, for more lounging. Since Saturday saw Becca and Joel spending the day with Becca’s brother, Tiff and I got some more shopping in, cleaned up the place a bit, and then had Carlo and Alyssa over for an abbreviated game night, marked more by our bread and dipping oils than by the games themselves! Sunday we saw Becca and Joel off, and more stuff around the house. Since the last two days have been warmer than usual, I poked around the house, getting all of the snow and ice off of the deck, and running some coax into the guest bedroom, so now anyone who stays over can enjoy some TV!

Not a whole lot going on in the next couple days, save for St. Patty’s Day on Saturday, and my freebie tickets to the Amerks game on Sunday night. My next concert isn’t until the 25th (LoG/Trivium at Harro East), but then I have one that next Saturday on the 31st (Stone Sour/Lacuna Coil/Shadows Fall at the Dome in Niagara Falls). Carlo and I also scored tickets for Aaron Lewis solo acoustic at UB on April 4th, so the not-too-distant future shall be quite musical.

Yeah, it’s a rough life, ain’t it? 🙂

Weekends, and Happy Birthday to Us (And The House!)

So I posted the concert review, but not about the rest of the weekend! I headed out to Buffalo on Friday night after work, and got to Adam’s place around 9. After getting the nickel tour of his half-house/apartment (very nice, BTW!), I got the nickel tour of the nickel city’s Elmwood strip. All within walking distance, which is both cool and dangerous! We started out at Mr. Goodbar, where we met a couple of Adam’s friends, and then hopped next door to Cole’s, which was absolutely packed, but fun! Met more people, then we hoofed it two blocks down to McGarrett’s, and listened to some jam band. Then back to Cole’s, then Goodbar, and finally back to Adam’s place. Got up, went back to Cole’s for lunch (Artvoice called their burger the best in Buffalo, and while a good burger, I don’t know about best), and then began our Saturday travels. A quick shot to Target for earplugs, then off to the Buffalo Auto Show! Got our fill of the new cars, debating and critiquing all the while. After we’d seen enough vehicles, we wandered to the Friday’s on Main Street, and killed two hours at the bar, talking with people who were pre-gaming for the Sabres game also going on that night. About 7 we headed to the concert, and as you see, we had a fantastic time. But after the show, we roll back to Adam’s place, where I get to meet his new lady friend Beth. After exchanging some pleasantries, we walk over to Cole’s to meet some of Adam’s friends and some of Beth’s. Beth’s were two Sabres fans who had just gotten back from the game, and as such we got along famously. Needless to say, a couple of us ended up closing down the bar at 4am. Can’t say I’ve been out that late in quite awhile! Woke up waaaay too early, said adios to Adam, and made my way back to Rochester. Had a great time, but I don’t think I could make that a weekly occurance without a bit more practice!

This week so far has been rather uneventful, save for snow. We got quite a bit (7-10″) Tuesday night / Wednesday morning, so work was slllllloooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww Wednesday. So was the traffic. Tiff and I had a nice Valentine’s dinner at home, and watched the snow fly. 🙂

Tomorrow is Friday! Last day of work for the week, and then a big weekend coming up for us. Visitors Saturday night, and then the family contingent on Sunday. Our birthdays are coming up, plus today marks the 1 year anniversary of us closing on our house! Yay for us!!

Welcome To The Vortex

We’ve officially entered the Rochester Winter Weather Vortex ™.

This refers to the wonderful time of year when it can hit 70 at one point during the day, then dip to 30 and snow at night, and we’ll throw in some gale-force winds while we’re at it. Prepare to be amazed as you’ll drive through two blizzards banded on either side by sunshine in the span of a mile and a half! Be shocked and awed at the speed with which you’ll adjust your thermostat! Marvel at how quickly your body will adapt (or won’t!) to all the changes in temperature!

Remember, you’ve signed up to live in one of the most exclusive parts of the country. Where else can you say “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes?”