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15 Seconds of Fame on Marek vs. Wyshynski Podcast

So the question of the day on the very excellent Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast today was “What’s your best ‘I caught a puck’ story?”. I have a pretty good one from waaaaaaaay back in the day, so I wrote in… and got read on the air! Hit up the link below at about the 29:30 mark for the backstory of the question, and 32:15 for my story, and enjoy:

For the podcast impaired, here’s the story:

Subject: I caught the puck story – Jacques Cloutier gave me gum too!

Hi guys! 2nd time, long time (my kid was on Puck Daddy in October 2012 yelling about Ville Leino’s contract LOL http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/ice-ice-babies-baby-sabres-fan-preaches-fiscal-190204518–nhl.html )

But puck catching stories! March 4, 1988! Can’t ever forget it!

I was 8 years old in 1988, Went with Grandpa at the old Aud in Buffalo against the Rangers. Grandma’s company’s tickets, first two seats right next to Sabres bench, first row against the glass. “Caught” first puck in the concourse during warmups as it was flipped over the glass and rolled down the players entrance at the end of the rink. 2nd one was flipped over the glass during warmups once we got to our seats (don’t remember who). Then a 3rd puck was given to me (along with a stick of gum!) by Sabres backup Jacques Cloutier through a little hole in the glass between the bench and the seats. Ended up wearing #1 as a goalie in minor hockey because of him! Best part was the Sabres actually won the game 6-3!!

November 2013 @Woopop Twitter Archive



Vegas Trip Recap

2 smooth landings
Seat and A half across the aisle
Asian lady exercises
Check in
Rainforest cafe w/ manager from buffalo
Check out hotel/nap/pool
C-store/M&M world

Walk Down lv bvld
Miracle mile mall in ph
Paris sports book – couple from nf. Ont.
Bally sports book – $6 pitcher at sbarro
Walk to Caesars forum shops
Lunch at la salsa
Bellagio/city center
Lazy river/pool
Dinner at Italian rest. (NY NY)
Coney island arcade
dueling pianos

Early walk
Lounging poolside
Tram to Mandalay
Aborted outlets walk
Lunch – Luxor buffet
Bus ticket
Old school – riveria/sahara/booted from souvenir store lot/stratosphere/slots a fun/circus circus
Bus debacle (fatties on scooters)
Coca cola store
Chill in room/ka tickets
Dinner @ BLT Burger

Bus to outlets
Dinner@ grand wok – 21oz Sapporo, beef tenderloin
drinks @ rouge (blacktooth grin)
NYNY – pianos, nine fine Irishmen, pizza

Mcd’s breakfast
Hoover dam/generator tour
Boulder dam brewing co
Red rocks canyon
Hard rock hotel/ Adrienne/pink taco
Fremont st
Rio/parking ramp debacle

Car return
Venetian/palazzo shops – sin city brewing
Dinner – dicks @ Excalibur
Nyny – rok, pianos
Blue man group

Pool – 3 hrs – nachos!
Miracle mile shops (planet Hollywood)
Lunch @ Earl of sandwich
Paris/ballys/bill’s/flamingo/harrahs/casino royale
TI/fashion show mall
Dinner @ emerils

Buffet – drunks!

Now It's Really Done


I put the finishing touches on the garage over the weekend, and here it is in all it’s glory. I had been wanting to do something like this since we moved in, but never had the time and/or inclination, that is, until Tiff went on her week-long vacation to California with Rebecca (pics of that will be up soon as well). I figured there was no time like this to get the workbench done, so I went to Lowe’s, bought a crapload of lumber and plywood, and had at it. I scarfed a couple of ideas from the internet, and also from the smaller workbench that was originally in the corner of the garage. Matt came over last week Sunday and helped me build the frames (it would have been a mess without ya, thanks Matt!), and then over the course of the week I attached the frames to the walls, put the surfaces down, and attempted to make a shelf. All in all, I think it came out pretty good, the legs don’t necessarily look straight, but everything is actually level, and it feels pretty solid. Naturally, you’ll see a future post with a disaster-looking picture otherwise! There’s a collection of pics of construction here.

Along with all this weekend building, there was simultaneously time for sports-watching! The Mets bullpen continues to implode, so watching their games isn’t worth it until the 8th inning usually. On the other hand, “NO ONE CIRCLES THE WAGONS LIKE THE BUFFALO BILLS!” Seriously, 3-0, and two were come from behind wins? Am I watching the right team? Holy awesome! And my fantasy team rocked this week (Thanks Marshawn Lynch, Josh Scobee and the Atlanta defense!), which will make me 1-2 on the season (Hey, the Giants started 0-2 last year, there’s hope!). Oh yeah, training camp has started for hockey, the Lightning won their first pre-season game, with Stamkos netting the winner in the shootout, and the Sabres unveiled their old-school/new-school third jersey.

Exciting stuff!

Violence Towards Car Phones

Bumper Sticker of the day: “Park Your Phone Booth and Try Driving The Car”

I’m subbing for a roller hockey team at All-Star Sports in Irondequoit tomorrow, hopefully it turns into playing full time. I feel like I just hit my stride now after 12 weeks at Lakeshore, and I want to keep playing. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

My latest EBay purchase just came in the mail today… a kickass Nothingface shirt from a tour that came nowhere near here, that I certainly didn’t attend 🙂 The shirt is practically brand new though!

The Holidays, And Other Ensuing Fun

Well, time for the thrice a month post that unfortunately has become the norm around here.

I’d say that we don’t do anything interesting, but that’s not always the case. The holidays were great fun, starting out in Buffalo, where we rolled in for dinner at Grandma’s and did the family gift exchange. A lot of giggling ensued, and not by any of the females. Jake and I were just off our rocker for some reason. Anyway, we hung around with Mom and Dad the next day for a while before heading back to Rochester, unloading Tiff’s car, loading mine, and continuing on to Horseheads.

We got into Horseheads just in time to meet everyone at the Elmira Holiday Inn for dancing… only there wasn’t much dancing because it was a rock/blues band playing on this night. (Apparently this was the only place for live music the night of the 23rd.) In happier news, Pat and Jodi (Tiff’s maid of honor) got engaged, so that’s one more wedding we’ll be heading to in the future! Congrats guys! The four of us “kids” found another local bar to hang out in and have a good time, and led to one of the more memorable catch-phrases we’d heard in awhile, uttered by some drunk-ass kid as he stumbled out the door… “My penis… It’s like, everywhere!” Good on you, Mr. Ron Jeremy. Anyyyyyyway, Christmas Eve was a lot of preparation, and we had a good time with the family, and the food (always the food!) was good and plentiful. Christmas Day brought the gift marathon, and I think everyone made out 🙂 One of Dad Swasta’s gifts was a new CD player for the car (great for the commute!) that I had the pleasure of installing on Christmas Day. Well, sort of. I would have, until I realized that I didn’t have the correct wiring harness. That was an early morning trip to Best Buy the next morning, and I wrapped up a highly successful (and quick!) installation. Which brought Tiff, her mom, and myself for the requisite “day after Xmas” mall trip. Which was also highly successful, as I picked up the last new Sabres jersey that Olympia sports had. Score! (Considering that you *still* can’t get them in Buffalo)

Home again, home again, back to work for two days, then New Years. We had a low-key get-together with Carlo, Matt and Lisa. Good times with the friends, and then relaxation at home. Not a whole lot going on, save for Tiff and I heading to NT again for a part of the weekend, as we went to the Sabres game last Saturday. After always going and rooting for Tampa, we figured we’d root for Buffalo this time. As luck would have it, the Lightning won. I can’t win!

This week? Not too much going on, we’ve had our fun with the ice storm as well, including a couple of branches bending down into the driveway… chop chop!! We also had one pull out of the ground slightly in the backyard (one of those smaller, thin trunked trees, nothing to speak of damage-wise).

And finally, in geek news, as most of you know, I have my brick-like Archos MP3 player. I finally ordered and received a new harddrive for it, and now that it’s installed, I now am the proud owner of a 120GB MP3 player! I have my entire MP3 collection on there, with about 35GB free for expansion. Sweeeeeeeet.