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Carlo’s Bachelor Party Weekend

Dogfish Head Venue #1: Falls Church

flight: Shelter Pale Ale, 60 min, 90 min, Indian Brown Ale, Raison D’etre, Festina Peche
dinner: Alehouse Mac and Cheese / chicken

hotel @ 1am, no bars, nothing open!

8am walk / Sheldon run at Boardwalk. This chump got Dunkin. What a workout.

Breakfast at Crystal restaurant

Dogfish Head Brewery!
Andy almost doesn’t get to tour, gets samples at end anyway!
Tasting: Red and White (), Burton Baton (), Namaste (), Palo Santo Marron ()
Bocce! We made twitter/instagram!

The bocce courts at the brewery saw lots of action on this overcast Saturday!

Sheldon knows some woman from SYR…. Talked to some kids from Georgia, got schooled by “bocce expert dudes”.

Dogfish Head Brewpub in Rehoboth!
table in 5 minutes! (Kevin is a wizard!)
Brewpub exclusives: Province Brown Stout, Down Low Double Life IPA – for IPA day 2013!
Guy/ladies from Irondequoit at corner of bar.
Brewpub Manager was from Elmira – free shots! Brown Honey Rum

Bottle and Cork – LOL what a shitshow from entry, all through the night! Carlo danced with the Jersey Girls, shots, 2nd bachelorette party, more shots, Carlo partied out, haul him into bed!