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Celebrate The Tradition!

I’ve been in the process of transferring all of my old VHS tapes to digital, both to just get rid of the tapes, and make sure that some of it doesn’t disappear. It’s mostly old family recordings of stuff like my 10th birthday party (which I barely even want to see), but some of it is stuff that’s been forever out of print…

Such as the Buffalo Sabres 20th Anniversary video – Celebrate the Tradition! As a kid I thought this was way longer, but it’s only a half-hour long. It touches on most of the big moments of the first 20 years, with a bunch of interviews and game clips. Since it was nowhere to be found on YouTube, I figured I’d chuck it up there for everyone else to see as well… so enjoy!

All I Wanted Was A Pepsi…


I just flipped on VH1 Classic in time to catch the video for Suicidal Tendencies’ “Institutionalized”, which was awesome. I still remember seeing Beavis and Butthead dissect this video, and them pretty much loving it 🙂

The family party was a [cue Borat] “Great Success!” yesterday, and we had way more food than we needed. Everyone left happy and stuffed, and I didn’t burn the burgers this time! Yay!

Most of Saturday was spent in preparation for the party, cleaning up the outside of the house, and since we pulled the stumps, we threw down some patchmaster and we’re gonna see if we can grow some grass. It came out OK the last time we did this on the side of the house, so it should look pretty decent.

The Zen of Summer

It’s been a bit too long since a real post, but ya know, for as busy as we are, we’re doing the same stuff. Volleyball on Tuesday (and Wednesday for Tiff), roller hockey on Sundays, and all kinds of other stuff in-between. Like hanging out at East End Fest last Friday, meeting the newly-in-town Pat and Jodi for dinner at Beale Street on Saturday, and on an off-day for hockey, heading home for Amanda’s birthday.

Other than that, I’ve been keeping myself busy by *gasp*, watching baseball. After sacking their manager, the Mets have turned it around a bit, and have a 9 game winning streak going into the All-Star break. Now that the break is just about over, it’s time to see what they can do in the second half of the season.

On the hockey front, I sat back and watched the Lightning make a ton of moves, including locking Vinny up for just about the rest of his career, making The Mullet ™ the coach, sacking the GM, drafting Stamkos, and making signings and trades like crazy, all not necessarily in that order! The Sabres are quietly getting their guys signed, essentially traded Soupy to get a first rounder and Craig Rivet (if you trace it all the way back), and they brought in Patrick Lalime as a backup. Seems like a decent move to me, as he performed capably in that role with the Blackhawks last year. Which is where Soupy ended up. Go figure. And it looks like it’s going to be the Hawks and Red Wings at Wrigley for the Winter Classic this year. Cool.

But more important than all that… my Archos finally gave up the ghost. The DC jack transplant lasted for about two weeks, and then the charging circuit (I think) bit the dust. I lifted the drive out of the jukebox, slapped it in a USB drive case, and take my music around that way. But you can’t use an external hard drive in the car, so I broke down and bought an MP3 player. A new one.

A Creative ZEN, 8GB flash-based player. It has an FM tuner built in, it’ll play videos, display pictures, has a microphone for voice recording, and includes an SD slot for expansion. It’s about as big as a credit card (although not nearly as thin), and nearly as light. The thing even sync’s Outlook contacts, tasks and calendar items. I’m still getting used to it, but the thing is pretty damn cool.

Is This Even English? You Decide.

from: Zach Dennis
to: woopop@woopop.com
date: Thu, May 8, 2008 at 4:47 PM
subject: Slipknot

Yea i was there at the esl concert 1st time i’ve seen them and was wondering if u had ne video’s or pics or where i can go find a place for that. I wanna see the videos. thnx

Zach, I’m really sorry that normal typing and grammar skills escape you. Due to your unintelligible prose, I’m going to have to deny your request, and stamp it with the Carlo “English Fail” seal-of-approval.


Ten Years of Concerts

It has been an even ten years since my first rock concert. June 11th, 1997. Our Lady Peace, Cool For August, and Puzzle Gut at the Tralf in Buffalo, NY. Accompannied by my friend Christine from the Harrison co-op program (and driven by her mom, Thanks Mom!), we managed to be right up front the whole night. For some reason, the experience of the show stuck with me. Singing along with the CD in your bedroom is fun, but singing along with the band right in front of you, sometimes in places no bigger than your bedroom, with 500 other people who are also singing along with every word is usually even more fun. I whipped together a little retrospective for myself on the past 192 shows over 10 years:

Over these past ten years, I’ve driven way too far to get to shows far too early, only to wait in far too long of lines for far too long in far too cold (or too hot) weather, to be one of the first in line. This led to running to the barrier to be right in front, and then pinned against said barrier for 3+ hours. I’ve been helped off the ground, helped people off the ground, been kicked in the head and/or slammed by crowd surfers (and I’ve subsequently yanked them to the ground), gotten in shoving matches and fights (*usually* not instigated by me); I’ve jumped, moshed, sweated, screamed my lungs out, lavished praise and bitterly complained more than my share about openers and headliners alike. I’ve met lots of band members, some cool, some not-so-cool, some famous, some not-so-famous; met a lot of interesting fans, some cool, some not-so-cool. I’ve gotten autographs, guitar picks, drum sticks, drum heads, setlists, posters, flyers, stickers, promo CD’s and videos, and anything and everything else I could get my hands on. I’ve won contests to see shows, I’ve ridden other contest winners’ coattails to see shows, I’ve gotten into “exclusive” shows by talking to the band. I’ve seen two different shows in one day. I’ve seen great bands, good bands, OK bands, and absolutely terrible bands. I’ve had some of the best times of my life, and some of the worst times of my life at concerts. I’ve celebrated my birthday at shows (1998 and 2005, and within a day in 2000 and 2001). I’ve celebrated New Years Eve (2000/2001) at a concert. I probably should have worn earplugs at more of them, but I’m doing what I can now. I’ve immensely enjoyed these last ten years of concerts, and I look forward to the next ten years (albeit at a far slower pace I’m guessing!).

Naturally, it’s fitting that on the 10th anniversary of my first concert, I’ll be attending a concert. I’ll be seeing the Deftones for the first time in seven years, in Buffalo tonight. Here’s to another 10 years!

Your Favorite Band Sucks

Let Me Tell You Why…
…[Insert your favorite metal band here] sucks:

1. they have a video

2. theyve sold more than 5 copies of each cd

3. they tour with bands like slayer

4. they were on ozzfest

5. their music isnt as fast as cryptopsy

6. lead singer’s haircut during 2002-2005

7. they have machine recording their record! shouldve recorded it on a fostex 4 track in their moms basement for a real UNDERGROUND sound.

8. they have enough money to make a living off music

9. these dudes have instrument endorsements! SELLOUT!

10. they have a tour bus

11. they bang girls

12. they’ve only been around for 10 years

(shamelessly stolen from blabbermouth!)

Music Television… playing Music?

So I’m going to try to get back to real posts, and not crappy updates on the state of the site.

First off, as I was flipping channels this morning, I was confused. Horribly, horribly confused. MTV was playing videos. Of music! And it wasn’t hip-hop or rap! I could scarcely believe my eyes as I saw not only one, but TWO videos back to back! 8 minutes of programming before the commercial onslaught again. And dare I say, decent videos? The new System of a Down track, “B.Y.O.B.”, and then the new Weezer track, “Beverley Hills”, which I have to admit is kinda catchy.

We have been instructed at work to use discretion when congratulating a customer on a Jackpot win. We actually had someone complain that they were congratulated, because this miserable woman “spent way more than this trying to win something”. Boo freakin hoo. Be gracious, say thank you, and go dump it all back in the machines.

People will complain about anything, and if they’re getting it for free, that’s no good either. Thursdays are free coffee and soft drink days, and you’d think people would be happy about that. But noooooo… they bitch and moan even more than they do when they have to pay! (I know, it should be comped anyway, but its not.) Oh, we’re giving away scratch-off lottery tickets? Complain that you didn’t win. Loudly. So as to embarrass yourself.

By the way, Congratulations!

NIN!!! (oh, and Music Scandal City!)

Nine Inch Nails is playing the Kool Haus in Toronto on May 9th and 10th! Presales start March 1st! YAY!!!!

So there’s a couple more scandals now… Tripp Eisen from Static-X loves underage girls, although it didn’t seem like Static-X was doing much lately anyway, but at least someone was!

And then Fred Durst got his homemade porno stolen from his computer. I saw the video, and while I guess it meets the definition of “hardcore”, it aint that great. Fred needs some help with his camera work methinks.