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The Holiday Silly Season

As I write this, the whirlwind Christmas season has come to a close (can’t really say the holidays, as New Years is still ahead of us.), and what a season we had this year. Work ended on Tuesday night, followed up by volleyball. On Wednesday, we made the colossal Wegmans run, prepped the house for the ensuing visitors, and got a good night’s sleep. Woke up Thursday morning, got some last minute wrapping done, and we welcomed Mom and Dad S. to the house. We got them settled, then made another Weggie’s run to get the catering and some last-minute stuff. Came back home, and Tiff and her mom went to work in the kitchen getting food for dinner and Christmas Day ready. We had a very nice dinner and celebrated Tiff’s father’s birthday. Opened a couple stocking stuffers at night to get in the Christmas spirit, and called it a night rather early in anticipation of Christmas Day.

We got the house ready, Tiff and Mom got the food ready, and then the Bonus/Kowalenko caravan rolled in around 12:45. We got them unloaded and in, and commenced with the food, drink, and merriment! Tons of snacks, Amanda’s buffalo wing dip, some good beers, getting full even before dinner. We packed 15 people into the house, and that’s about our limit! We opened a couple gifts, then had Grandma’s perogies and Dad’s mushroom soup as appetizers. Gotta move some of the old traditions to our place! Opened a couple more gifts, and then it was time for the big dinner. Ham, squash, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, etc. Excellent. After everyone digested and had their fill, we filled up even more with cookies and the cheesecake my aunt and uncle brought. It was awesome to have everyone up to our place, and thankfully the weather held out so driving for everyone wasn’t a factor. A wonderful Christmas, and for our first time hosting, it went really well.

What to do the day after Christmas? Why, go shopping of course! We hit a couple places in Henrietta, then after lunch at the Distillery and a quick detour to Beers of the World, we trucked out to Eastview to get our shop on. The mall was packed, even more so than any mall I saw before Christmas. A jaunt back to Barnes and Noble in Pittsford, then back home for a dinner of the best leftovers from the night before. Still tasted great. For the nightcap, Tiff and her parents watched the latest Harry Potter movie while I watched the Sabres lose.

We got up early the next morning, and grabbed a really good breakfast at Peppermints on W. Henrietta Rd. Yum. We saw Tiff’s parents off, cleaned up the house a bit, then Pat and Jodi came over. We did our little gift exchange, and went out for a big late lunch at Sticky Lips. One BBQ platter later, we rolled out of there and came back to the house and visited for a little bit. We saw Pat and Jodi off, and then I saw myself off to Buffalo to meet Adam and hit up the Every Time I Die Christmas show at Mohawk Place. Since that didn’t start ’til 9, we grabbed some dinner and pre-gamed a bit at the Thirsty Buffalo on Elmwood. Had a good time there, watched the Jets prevent the Colts from going undefeated, and watched the Sabres beat the Blues. We trekked down to Mohawk, met my buddy Art, and had a great time hanging out at the show. Thankfully, I only had to drive back to NT, not Rochester, and Dad was still up to greet me!

Slept in a bit, putzed around in the morning, and then Dad and I grabbed some lunch at Ted’s (mmm, Char-Broiled hotdogs!) before I bounced back to Rochester and Dad took off for the office. Got back home, lounged a bit, made a Weggie’s run, and after dinner I organized the basement, watched some hockey, I’m still watching some football, and barring some disaster, I’ll win my second straight fantasy football title! Not looking forward to getting ready to head back to work tomorrow, but I do have volleyball tomorrow night though, so that oughta be the usual rip-roaring good time! Working Wednesday and Thursday also, and then New Years Eve festivities…

Tired of the One-Liners? Tough!

The stories behind the one-liner updates…

Working backward, we had quite the weekend. We entertained Pat and Jodi for dinner on Sunday night, caught some of the hockey game. Tiff and I had done the grocery shopping thing prior to that, and at Ruby Tuesday’s for lunch, I was beyond pleasantly surprised at their beer selection. I got an Abita Turbodog, but they also had the Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, among a couple of others. Who knew? Saturday was Greg and Mindy’s wedding, which was a blast. As an already married person, it’s always amusing to watch others take the plunge. We sat with a fun group of people, so there was none of the “staring at each other the whole night” thing going on. Good times. We made it out to the Distillery on Friday night for a little happy hour with Aimee and her crew, which capped off a wholly unremarkable week of work.

The week in play, however, was rather full! Thursday night had Pat and I at our first roller hockey scrimmage, which was fairly ill-attended. Which was just as well, because despite us being full of piss and vinegar at the beginning, we both tuckered out pretty quick. Short shifts are definitely going to be key for the first couple of games! Wednesday night Tiff had volleyball, so I met Christina out at the ballpark to watch the Red Wings get spanked. We got through the first out in the top of the 9th inning before it started pouring, so needless to say, we did NOT stick around for the 80 minute rain delay, just to watch the final 5 outs of an already decided game. Tuesday night was my volleyball night, and we took two out of three games to put us squarely in contention for a playoff spot. Playoffs? PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS?

Speaking of the playoffs, I’m watching the games, but I’m not terribly excited about the repeat Stanley Cup Finals. Detroit looks like they’re running away with it again, and unless the Pens wake up and take both at home, they’re done. Looks like one more week before it becomes all baseball, all the time. Tiff’s gonna love that. The Mets are competing for the top of the division again, so that’s cool. Maybe someone else will blow it the last month of the season instead this year.

I love how some folks in the neighborhood don’t grasp the concept that you’re allowed to have more than one garbage can. As in, it’s not necessary to try to cram every last thing you’re throwing out into the one tote, such that you can’t close the lid. And / or piling more bags around the can. Furthermore, it’s apparent from the weather that the lack of lid closing is going to blow the “excess” trash all over the place, and make the neighborhood look like crap. Seriously, garbage cans aren’t expensive, invest in one. Or, ya know, generate less trash.

So Coors really needs to put the disclaimer on the bottom of the screen saying that you can’t purchase an insurance policy for cold beer? Seriously? I have precisely that insurance policy. It lives in my kitchen, and it’s called a fridge. I must say, though, that the mountains on the can turning blue is a slightly better gimmick than Miller Lite’s “taste protector” thing. But Miller’s commercials are better. “Does the place get busy?” “Last weekend we were mobbed.” “OHHHHHH!”

Who has two thumbs and finally successfully tied a tie? This guy! (I know… pathetic, lame, moron, stupid, etc. etc. etc.) Considering I wear a tie once every six months, TOPS, for me this is a feat.

Fun times ahead as well, with volleyball Tuesday, roller hockey on a rare Wednesday, East End Fest on Friday (More Than Me and Uncle Plum!), the Hip @ Artpark Saturday, and roller hockey again on Sunday night. Busy busy busy!

Brain Dump

The Sabres are teh suck. And the defensemen are going faster than pizza at a Weight Watchers convention. I can haz healthy d-fens?

Sunday Tiff and I did the shopping/errands thing, and try as I might, I couldn’t get Office Depot to sell me a bookcase. Tell me again why you have a ton of “take me to the cashier” tickets when you’re completely out of stock on an item? Allegedly they’ll be getting more on Wednesday. We’ll see. Sunday night, since we were bored, we did grocery shopping at the fanciful Pittsford Wegmans. The place still amazes me, and the people-watching was pretty stellar too.

Thanks to the less-than wonderful weather, we didn’t get our bedroom furniture delivered on Saturday as planned. Value City pulled all their drivers off the road. So since we had already cleared out the bedroom in anticipation, we just threw the box-spring and mattress down on the floor, along with a lamp. You’d think we were subsisting on ramen too. Delivery was rescheduled for this coming Saturday, so hopefully the weather holds out for us. Saturday night we braved the roads and the weather to hang out with Matt and Lisa, scarf some pizza, play some games and have a general good time.

Friday night I hit up the RIT hockey playoff game, in which they beat Holy Cross 5-4 in OT. They subsequently won the next night, 5-4 in OT again, so they’re in the Atlantic Conference Championship at Blue Cross this coming weekend. I already have my tickets, can’t wait!! After the game I jetted straight to Water Street for the Dreaming show, so Friday night was busy for me.

I hope I’m not getting sick!!!!

A Bonus By Any Other Name…

As usual, hardly any updates. Nothing’s really been going on! Work, home, shovel the driveway, play Wii, repeat. I did pick up Mario Kart: Double Dash and Super Smash Bros. Melee, so I’ve been messing around with those. Of course, those are GameCube games, as I’m holding out until after Christmas to get any more Wii games.

Lovely weather we’re having! You’d think we’d be under six feet of snow the way the news is going on and on about it. As Sara said, IT’S WINTER, it’s going to snow sometimes and we don’t need a storm warning every other day for an inch of snow. If you’re gonna forecast a blizzard, let’s get one! Hell, CNN had a guy on a live remote from Syracuse with the tagline “Extreme Weather”. Only the guy was wearing a baseball cap, no gloves, and THERE WAS NO SNOW FALLING! All the while he’s going on about how bad it “could” be. Riiiiiiiiiiight. FAIL.

Horseheads was fun this weekend, we saw Rebecca and Joel, did some shopping. Good times. The mall was packed on Saturday, and absolutely dead on Sunday morning, thanks to the weather scare mongering. Better for us!

I was researching domain names, just for fun, and I wanted to see if bonusfamily.com was available. It’s not, and in fact, is being used for a non-profit organization to support “blended” families of divorced parents and their kids. From their website:
What’s a Bonus Family?
Technically, a bonus family is a stepfamily or a single parent living with their children and another adult partner. … We believe there are three stages of adjustment to a bonus family. At first you may not feel like a family … In a bonus family you feel appreciated for who you are even though you are not biologically related to everyone in the family … You’ll know when you get there–when you no longer feel comfortable referring to your relatives as step. So, rather than stepmom, it’s bonus mom. Stepdad becomes bonus dad. Stepsister or stepbrother becomes bonus sister and bonus brother.

Mom and Dad, I think you guys went about this family thing all wrong… We’re not supposed to be related at all!! Er, make that Bonus Mom and Bonus Dad. It’s too bad that their cafepress.com store is broken, some of the merch would be humorous to obtain!

Ten Years of Concerts

It has been an even ten years since my first rock concert. June 11th, 1997. Our Lady Peace, Cool For August, and Puzzle Gut at the Tralf in Buffalo, NY. Accompannied by my friend Christine from the Harrison co-op program (and driven by her mom, Thanks Mom!), we managed to be right up front the whole night. For some reason, the experience of the show stuck with me. Singing along with the CD in your bedroom is fun, but singing along with the band right in front of you, sometimes in places no bigger than your bedroom, with 500 other people who are also singing along with every word is usually even more fun. I whipped together a little retrospective for myself on the past 192 shows over 10 years:

Over these past ten years, I’ve driven way too far to get to shows far too early, only to wait in far too long of lines for far too long in far too cold (or too hot) weather, to be one of the first in line. This led to running to the barrier to be right in front, and then pinned against said barrier for 3+ hours. I’ve been helped off the ground, helped people off the ground, been kicked in the head and/or slammed by crowd surfers (and I’ve subsequently yanked them to the ground), gotten in shoving matches and fights (*usually* not instigated by me); I’ve jumped, moshed, sweated, screamed my lungs out, lavished praise and bitterly complained more than my share about openers and headliners alike. I’ve met lots of band members, some cool, some not-so-cool, some famous, some not-so-famous; met a lot of interesting fans, some cool, some not-so-cool. I’ve gotten autographs, guitar picks, drum sticks, drum heads, setlists, posters, flyers, stickers, promo CD’s and videos, and anything and everything else I could get my hands on. I’ve won contests to see shows, I’ve ridden other contest winners’ coattails to see shows, I’ve gotten into “exclusive” shows by talking to the band. I’ve seen two different shows in one day. I’ve seen great bands, good bands, OK bands, and absolutely terrible bands. I’ve had some of the best times of my life, and some of the worst times of my life at concerts. I’ve celebrated my birthday at shows (1998 and 2005, and within a day in 2000 and 2001). I’ve celebrated New Years Eve (2000/2001) at a concert. I probably should have worn earplugs at more of them, but I’m doing what I can now. I’ve immensely enjoyed these last ten years of concerts, and I look forward to the next ten years (albeit at a far slower pace I’m guessing!).

Naturally, it’s fitting that on the 10th anniversary of my first concert, I’ll be attending a concert. I’ll be seeing the Deftones for the first time in seven years, in Buffalo tonight. Here’s to another 10 years!

A Perfect Wedding Weekend

We’re back from our honeymoon, and what a week and a half we had!! I’ll try and give everyone the nutshell version here for the benefit of those unable to attend.

The circus started out Wednesday night, as Tiff’s Dad came up for the tux fitting and to haul some stuff down to Horseheads for us, and we learned that everyone’s tux except Jon’s made it. As in, Jon’s was sitting in the warehouse in Buffalo. Ok, we can handle that, my Dad picked it up the next day at the Boulevard store. And he thinks it’s a little small, but is reassured that they never mis-measure. Ok, we can handle that. Tiffany and I drive down Thursday to Horseheads with a car-full of stuff, and begin helping to set up the house for the rehearsal dinner.

Friday, the Bonus clan comes down to Horseheads, we get to the Inn, decorate the chapel, and have the rehearsal, which goes just fine. Jon tries on his tux Friday night, and yep… too small! One massive round of phone calls later, Amanda’s boyfriend Will agrees to come to our rescue, and pick it up on his way in Saturday. We party at the Swasta house Friday night, a great time is had by all.

Saturday morning all the guys come to the house, we have lunch (yum, leftovers from the party!) , and head out to the Inn, chill on the porch for a little bit, then as soon as the girls rolled in, we started getting ready. Pictures, more pictures, yet more pictures, then off to the chapel. Everyone shows up, the guys get inside, the girls show up, and then… the most beautfiul girl in the world shows up on the arm of her father. After a wonderful (and surprisingly emotional!) ceremony, we do yet more pictures, and finally get to the Inn to start the party! I’m pretty confident everyone had a great time, I know Tiffany and I did! My dad led a wonderful toast in the kitchen of the Inn after the reception, and we just sat back and reflected on the night for a little bit afterwards.

Breakfast came early the next morning, we packed up and rolled back into Horseheads for a little lunch and gift opening, before seeing the Bonus clan on their way, and us on our way to the honeymoon! Caesar’s Paradise Stream in the Pocono’s was our home for the next five days, and we had a great five days. The weather was nice, the room was awesome, the food was good, and we had ourselves an awesome vacation.

We left Friday morning, with a layover in Horseheads to pick up the gifts, the cat, and some dinner with Tiff’s parents, before getting on home in the late evening. Our whirlwind week drew to a close, with some needed downtime at home.

We’d like to thank everyone for making our weekend absolutely perfect, we hope everyone had a great time, and as the pictures roll in to us, we’ll be posting them! We have a modest start in that direction, with some stuff that we shot, Sara’s pictures, and Kelley’s pictures, all of which can be found in the various galleries here: http://www.woopop.com/wordpress/v/wedding/. Keep checking back, as we’ll be adding more pictures!

Switching Into Living

Now that we’ve had the better part of a month to settle in, things have settled down a bit. It’s just the little projects, and maintaining until it gets warm enough to tackle the outside. I missed the one awesome Saturday we had, because I had to cover a day shift at work 🙁 Tiff did an awesome jobs getting the leaves raked and the deck cleaned off (yes, the former owner didn’t really do much in that department). I rocked my first home electrical project, adding two light switches in the unfinished part of the basement (why they went with pullstrings on the fixtures I’ll never know), so I’m all proud of myself for that. Amazing what some Romex and a book will do for ya!

And I’ve been bitten by the concert bug once again. As you see from the review, last Thursday was the big Nine Inch Nails show here in Rochester, and just last night, he-who-never-wins-anything actually won something. Earlier in the week, I got an email from the Sabres Insider mailing list that I’m on (put out by the team, weekly updates, ticket offers, etc.) offering a contest to win tickets to Queen Plus Paul Rodgers. I entered on a whim, and imagine my surprise when I got an email Thursday night saying I won 4 tickets! The review will be forthcoming, but suffice to say that it was a pretty awesome show, and now I can say I saw Queen!

So now it’s a matter of waiting for the weather to break, and we’ll start to attack the outside of the house, but until then, it’s more little interior stuff, and just living in the place!

Moving… Up The Standings

Ruminations while living amongst boxes, waiting for the big move…

My CD racks look plenty sad with no CD’s in them. 🙁

Why couldn’t we have traded January’s weather for February’s? I don’t want to move in the middle of a blizzard!

The Sabres are on a hell of a roll again! After knocking off Philly on Friday, and the Senators last night, I think the rest of the league is finally taking notice. 4th in the Conference, and only 4 back of Ottawa for the division lead right now. And the game are exciting! Tampa is finally getting their stuff together too, and they’re sitting at 6th in the conference, tied with Jersey. I honestly don’t pay too much attention to the standings until the All Star / Olympic break, and this season is no different.

Speaking of the Olympics, how cool is it that NBC/USA are showing all of the men’s and women’s Team USA hockey games in their entirety, live, and commercial free? Even with the time difference, the games are on in the afternoon, and we get these channels in the break room at work! Yay!!

We attempted to go ice skating again last night, but unbeknownst to us, there was a high school hockey tournament going on. Bah.