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My Top 12 Albums of 2013

I don’t think I did this for 2012, and this seems like as good of a topic as any for the inaugural “blog post” of my music-only refocus of Woopop.com. Having to limit the list to ten always seemed so arbitrary, so you’re getting 12. It’s also in alphabetical order, because I’m not about to try and say one album was “better” than another, this is simply what I was spinning heavily this year.


A Fresh Beginning! (Sort of.)

Greetings! I’m making an attempt to get back on the blogging train… I’m keeping the music stuff separated on Woopop.com , so this site is going to be for all the “personal” stuff (quote-unquote). Still getting the kinks out over here, but a lot of the “personal blog” stuff from Woopop got imported over here and I’m trying to sift through it and make it a touch more coherent.


Wish me luck!

Is This Even English? You Decide.

from: Zach Dennis
to: woopop@woopop.com
date: Thu, May 8, 2008 at 4:47 PM
subject: Slipknot

Yea i was there at the esl concert 1st time i’ve seen them and was wondering if u had ne video’s or pics or where i can go find a place for that. I wanna see the videos. thnx

Zach, I’m really sorry that normal typing and grammar skills escape you. Due to your unintelligible prose, I’m going to have to deny your request, and stamp it with the Carlo “English Fail” seal-of-approval.


A New Home!

For the website, that is. I was getting sick of how slow the hosting for the website was, so I decided to take the plunge and switch. I moved over to GoDaddy, since we’ve had a good experience so far with the corvette website. I figured, if I’m moving, I’m gonna start from scratch and give the site a much needed facelift, which, naturally, involved overhauling the backend also. Like the corvette site, I decided to use WordPress as the backend for the site, as Movable Type just didn’t have the features I wanted anymore, it was bloated, slow, and just harder to work with. WordPress has much nicer commenting management options, and it was easier to make the site look uniform.

I also upgraded to the latest version of Gallery for the pictures, which gave me some more features and more flexibility. And finally, while invisible to everyone site wise, in the background was the biggest change of all. Instead of using GoDaddy’s email accounts and servers, I signed up for the Beta version of Google Apps For Your Domain, which allows me to use google’s servers for mail, and in addition to having regular POP and SMTP access, my webmail uses the GMail interface, which is quite slick. So once DNS propagates around the ‘Net, the new and improved Woopop.com should be fully functional. If you see anything that’s busted, leave a comment or shoot an email!

July’s Top 10

Thanks to the wonders of the hosting company I have, they have two seperate applications to do statistics for the web traffic each site sees. One of these, and because I’m nosy, the one I’m most interested in, is who the most frequent visitors are, and how often they come. So without futher ado, the top 10 visitors to woopop.com for the month of July:

HITS     % of total       IP / Host Name

192    22.25%       ny-ntonawanda1a-3.buf.adelphia.net
90       10.42%       ra3s-164-107-254-133.resnet.ohio-state.edu
81        9.39%       ny-ntonawanda4a-a-147.buf.adelphia.net
47        5.45%       ny-kenton7a-261.buf.adelphia.net
28        3.24%
24        2.78%       azrael.rh.rit.edu
23        2.67%       roc-66-66-19-55.rochester.rr.com
20        2.32%       pcp04136360pcs.walngs01.pa.comcast.net
20        2.32%       ool-43569c16.dyn.optonline.net
19        2.20%       ny-northtonawanda1c-86.buf.adelphia.net

1. The reason my house is has so many visits to my own site is because it registers a visit for every time Amanda or I hit moveable type to update our pages, or change something, etc.
2. So Tiffany is next on the list, followed by…
3. Sara and Adrienne’s apartment.
4. The kenton adelphia address I narrowed down to the Town of Tonawanda, so I have a dedicated faithful reader over there somewhere.
5. The 208.62 address tracerouted back to a CompuServe pool address, so I have no idea whats up with that one.
6. Hi Carlo!
7. Someone in Rochester with Roadrunner (it could be ANYBODY!)
8. Obviously from Pennsyltucky, but who? Katie perhaps?
9. a cablevision user, so its someone downstate methinks, and…
10. Sara’s address at home.

So to everyone else, if you’re regular visitors, check your IP’s and tell me who you are! Inquiring minds want to know… (or may already… hehehehe)

Jake gets an upgrade

The box that was housing woopop.com while I was at school is now Jake’s new computer. The PIII is now his, and compared to what he had, he’s happier than a pig in slop right about now 🙂 Needless to say, my night was pretty much spent in the basement, sifting through computer parts and what not… I even resurrected fraggernarkle, stickers and all!

The beginning of my Wednesday was rather mundane, I headed out in the afternoon to get some stuff for Jake at Tops, but beyond that, I was home. Amanda and I hit Target after dinner, and we saw some interesting stuff on the way there…

1. A State Trooper escort of about 6 U.S. Immigration vehicles, including a full size bus… northbound on Niagara Falls Bvld. It looked like a funeral procession almost, just a little faster…

2. A bum hitchhiking on the 290 on-ramp, also on the boulevard… ya don’t see too many bums in Amherst!

3. and the funniest vanity plate I’ve seen in awhile… a new TrailBlazer whose plate read: “IGOTHALF” Half musta been pretty big to get one of those monsters!!

Sadly, the ride back wasn’t nearly as exciting. Later today I hafta head over to Sara’s, as a firmware upgrade on the router went awry… gotta fix that one up… (see what happens when I’m not there?!) 🙂

Tiff’s coming in either tonight or tomorrow… can’t wait!! 🙂

We’re Moved Over!

It looks like DNS has solidified, and everyone can see woopop.com on the new box…. yip yip yippee!!

Today was laundry, reading, and then me and Karl hit the new Henrietta Hots on 15… it was pretty good, although our insides will be hating us later 🙂

transfer this!

Yeah, so that exam was a joke and a half…. anyway, I’ll be shipping out rather soon, but fear not! Woopop.com is on Joe’s trusty box in the living room, so it’ll be up and fully operational completely over break… so you can keep up with all my totally non-interesting exploits over my break 🙂

It’s true, it’s true….

It’s true, it’s true…. Woopop.com is now coming to you courtesy of Thrifty! My little Compaq Presario 425 (a 486SX-25, 16mb RAM, running RedHat and Apache) is now being put to good use, making it worth all $5 of its purchase price 🙂 I’m expecting a couple growing pains, so if anyone has any problems with the site, pics not loading, stuff just not working, etc, let me know! thankee! 🙂
Because Internet Connection Sharing’s firewall is goofy, my FTP on my regular box still exists, its just on port 555 now, FYI 🙂

the bonus network

Hahah, one minor hiccup later, and the Bonus network is in full effect, and woopop.com is back in business! Bastards changed the IP of our cable modem… doh!!
I’m home now, for a couple days, then Virginia, then home for good… 🙂